UD Trucks celebrates 150 years of Japan-Sweden commercial ties

UD Trucks celebrates 150 years

The year 2018 marks 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Sweden. To commemorate this occasion, the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo is organizing a wide range of events throughout the year, and UD Trucks is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor.

Since 2007 when UD Trucks became part of the Volvo Group, the Group has continued to build on the close relations between Japan and Sweden over 150 years by promoting a rich mutual exchange of technology and expertise, human resources, ways of working, and cultural values. The twin themes of the 150th anniversary are tradition and innovation, both of which are the very essence of the Volvo Group,

The celebratory events are being supported by 25 companies with close relations to Sweden, in addition to UD Trucks. The events will cover a wide range of subject and interest areas, such as business, technology, lifestyle, culture, art and politics.

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