UD Trucks MEENA Team to Receive `Going the Extra Mile Award`

President Mourad Hedna Received the Prestigious Award on Behalf of the Team
President Mourad Hedna Recieves the Award

In a dazzling display of excellence and collaboration, the UD Trucks MEENA team was honored with the coveted "Going the Extra Mile Award" at the recent UD Awards ceremony. The event, held last week, showcased outstanding achievements and recognized employees who exemplify the company's core values.

The UD Awards ceremony is an annual tradition that spotlights remarkable contributions within UD Trucks, a leading Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer. With six categories, each representing one of the company's five values and a companywide challenger award, the event provides a platform to acknowledge and reward exceptional performance that aligns with the organization's vision.

This year's edition saw an overwhelming number of exceptional nominations, showcasing the exceptional talent within UD Trucks. The senior leadership team faced the arduous task of selecting the winners among the outstanding pool of candidates, each of whom had made remarkable contributions to the company's success.

To honor the winners, UD Trucks CFO & HR Head, Aiba-san, along with members of the executive leadership team, came together for a hybrid style event. The ceremony was filled with anticipation and excitement as the recipients were praised for their dedication and commitment to excellence.

What made the UD Trucks MEENA team's achievement truly remarkable was the extent of cross-functional and multi-country collaboration that was evident in their work. The team's exceptional efforts spanned various business functions, including Technology, Operations, Purchasing, Logistics and Sales.

The UD Trucks MEENA team's accomplishment not only underscores their individual achievements but also highlights the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines UD Trucks as a whole. By demonstrating their ability to work seamlessly across functions and geographies, the team has set a new standard for excellence within the organization.

As UD Trucks continues to navigate a rapidly evolving industry landscape, the recognition of the MEENA team's exceptional performance serves as a testament to the company's commitment to fostering innovation and achieving excellence in all aspects of its operations.

With the Going the Extra Mile Award, the UD Trucks MEENA team has set a new benchmark for outstanding performance and collaboration, inspiring their colleagues across the organization to strive for excellence and embrace a culture of continuous improvement.

We would like to thank, Amira El Sabbagh, Wahaj Malik, Wessam Yossri, Anand Krishnappa, Adiga Guruprasad, Songpra Thanakorn, Mukesh Gupta and Kalpathy Kalyan for their amazing efforts on bringing the reward home!