UD Trucks MEENA Takes Place in the 5th Truck and Fleet Middle East Conference

Team Shared Important Insights and Updates from the Industry in Dubai Event
UD Trucks Quester and Croner Series Showcased

UD Trucks MEENA participated in the 5th Truck and Fleet Middle East Conference held in Dubai, UAE, where industry leaders and experts convened to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the transportation sector. The event served as a platform for insightful discussions and collaboration among stakeholders from transportation, logistics, and mobility communities.

Event Hall

Our GCC Sales Director Wahaj Malik actively engaged in panel discussions, contributing to two key topics: "The Big Picture" and "Sharing the Load, where discussions delved into the current market dynamics, technological advancements, regulatory challenges such as load restrictions and emissions, as well as funding and fleet acquisition challenges faced by the transportation sector in the Middle East. These sessions aimed to promote a spirit of cooperation and shared learning within the transportation ecosystem.

Wahaj Malik in the Industry Roundtable

Wahaj Malik commented: `The fifth Truck and Fleet Conference was well organized and attracted a diverse array of stakeholders from the transportation sector. Our participation was very enriching to understand the challenges and perspective from these stakeholders on current pressing issues for our region. It was heartening to witness the alignment toward the objective of bringing efficiency in the logistics segment while prioritizing road safety. Through our participation we were able to bolster UD Trucks' brand awareness in region and emphasize on how UD Trucks is contributing towards our company purpose, `Better Life` for the region.

One of the highlights of our participation was the insightful presentation by our Uptime and Service Sales Director, Kris Meuleman, titled "Bridging the Gap: Technology and Accessibility in Commercial Vehicle Operations." The presentation emphasized the crucial role of digitalization and connectivity in enhancing commercial vehicle operations, reflecting UD Trucks' commitment to leveraging technology for improved efficiency and performance.

Kris Meuleman Presenting

`Technology is not just transforming the commercial transport industry, it's reshaping the very essence of it. As we embrace innovative solutions like autonomous vehicles and telematics, its crucial that we keep an eye out for safety and sustainability, while being on active lookout for the human element. The conference enabled for industry experts to gather, share, and reflect on the needs of todays society. `, said Kris Meuleman.

In addition to enriching discussions and presentations, UD Trucks showcased its cutting-edge products at the conference. Two of our flagship models, the Quester GWE 460 6x4T and the Croner LKE 240 equipped with Allison Transmission, were exhibited. Our Product Manager, Masaki Tatsumi, provided attendees with an engaging walkaround session, offering insights into the features and capabilities of robust and efficient transportation solutions.

Quester and Croner Series

UD Trucks’ participation in the 5th Truck and Fleet Middle East Conference underscored our dedication to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and addressing the evolving needs of the transportation industry in the region, establishing the thought leader position in the industry. We remain committed to delivering excellence and value to our customers while leading the way towards a more sustainable and connected future for commercial vehicle operations.