UD Trucks Drives to Victory at Truck and Fleet ME 2024 Awards

MEENA Team Crowned with Prestigious `Outstanding Manufacturer of the Year Award`
Oustanding Manufacturer of the Year Award

UD Trucks has been crowned the 'Overall Manufacturer of the Year' at the prestigious Truck and Fleet 2024 Awards. The award ceremony, held at a glittering event attended by industry leaders and enthusiasts alike, recognized UD Trucks for its outstanding contributions to the trucking and fleet management sector.

The coveted accolade is a testament to UD Trucks' commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence in the manufacturing of commercial vehicles. The Truck and Fleet 2024 Awards, voters casted their votes to the best in the industry, acknowledged UD Trucks for consistently delivering top-notch products and services that have set new benchmarks in the market.



Accepting the award on behalf of UD Trucks, President Mourad Hedna expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the brand's unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the industry. He highlighted UD Trucks' focus on developing technologies that enhance performance, fuel efficiency, and driver safety with a keen focus on sustainability.

Mourad Hedna Recieving the Award

The `Outstanding Manufacturer of the Year' award adds to UD Trucks' growing list of achievements and reinforces its position as a leading player in the commercial vehicle manufacturing sector. With a rich history spanning decades in the Middle East Region, UD Trucks has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability.

The Outstanding Manufacturer of the Year' accolade serves as a catalyst for UD Trucks to continue pushing boundaries, setting industry standards, and contributing to the advancement of commercial transportation.