UD Trucks and Al Masaood Holds Driver Guard Event

Event Aims to Promote Health and Safety of the Drivers
Driver Guard Session

In a significant initiative to enhance road safety and driver competency, UD Trucks, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, joined hands with its esteemed partner in Abu Dhabi, Al Masaood, to conduct the Driver Guard training series. The event witnessed the participation of 40 drivers eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in a comprehensive training program.

The training, held at a dedicated facility in Abu Dhabi, comprised a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on applied training on the trucks. Ashley D'souza, the Service Sales and Customer Experience Manager at UD Trucks, took charge of the classroom sessions, delivering insights on vehicle maintenance, safety protocols, and effective driving techniques.

Classroom Sessions

Thilak Baluchamy, Competence Development Manager at UD Trucks, spearheaded the practical aspect of the training. Drivers had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in a controlled environment, gaining valuable experience in real-world scenarios. The applied training covered various aspects of truck handling, maneuvering, and emergency response, ensuring that the participants were well-equipped to navigate the challenges on the road.

On-the-job Training

As part of the training series, UD Trucks organized a raffle for the participants, adding an element of excitement and reward. Lucky winners walked away with coveted prizes, including a smartphone, a smartwatch, and a coffee machine. The raffle not only served as a gesture of appreciation for the participants' commitment to improving their skills but also added a touch of fun to the overall training experience.

UD Trucks and Al Masaood expressed their commitment to fostering a culture of safety and continuous learning among drivers. The collaboration between the two entities reflects their shared vision of promoting responsible and skilled driving practices, ultimately contributing to safer roads and efficient transportation systems.

One of the participants, Muhammed Siddiq commented, ‘I have been a truck driver for 15 years. However, the information I received today was eye opening. It enhanced my knowledge and skills. I realized my weaknesses and gaps in driving during the class, which was very helpful. I learned how to adapt to different operating conditions. We were introduced to the UD application that monitors our driving performance and gives us feedback. I will change my driving style significantly after today. I will use the app ratings to adjust my behavior and improve my scores. `

On-the-job Training 2

Kris Meuleman, Uptime and Service Sales Director at UD Trucks MEENA, shared his perspective on the significance of the Driver Guard training series, stating, "Empowering drivers with practical skills and knowledge is paramount in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our roadways. The combination of classroom sessions and hands-on training allows participants to not only understand key concepts but also apply them in real-world situations. By investing in driver competence, we contribute to a safer and more responsible driving culture."


The collaboration between UD Trucks and Al Masaood demonstrates the industry's dedication to raising the standards of professional truck driving, setting a benchmark for future training programs in the region. As drivers continue to play a crucial role in the transportation sector, initiatives like the Driver Guard training series contribute significantly to creating a safer and more efficient road network.