Fujin & Raijin. Vision 2030.

Innovation for Smart Logistics

Innovation for Smart Logistics. Fujin & Raijin. Vision 2030.

What is your team like at work?

We also successfully tested an electric medium-duty truck on a public road. The silent, safe and emission-free technology is an essential element of our newly launched UD Trucks Innovation Roadmap, “Fujin & Raijin. Vision 2030.”

We are developing solutions in the fields of automation and electromobility, in tandem with our advancements in connectivity and digitalization. 

What is your team like at work?

Our senior mechanics take pride in their work; I continue to learn a lot from them. They have taught me how to improve efficiently such as customizing tools individually and are always there to give me good advice. My senior colleagues are close to me in age, so we can talk about both work and personal matters.