Responding to a variety of requests as a team - Development and production of snow plow 

February 03, 2020
Before our trucks are put on the market, they go through a rigorous process of product development, vehicle inspection and quality assurance. In this part of this series, we introduce three engineers who play a critical role in ensuring that our trucks meet the highest of standards to satisfy the most demanding of customers.
In Japan, trucks currently transport approximately 90 percent of domestic cargo. In order not to interrupt logistics or “the lifeblood of our society”, product development and devise are incorporated to satisfy specific needs. On the northern regions’ roads, snow plows are essential. For product development of snows plows, there are difficulties and challenges which are unimaginable for regular vehicles. We spoke to three engineers who are engaged in product development of vehicles that need to operate under rigorous winter environment, precisely understanding customers’ needs and delivering optimal product and services.

There are a variety of snow plows from supersize with side wings for airports to chemical spraying vehicle which is indispensable for highways. Body manufacturers are responsible for plows, which is to plow snow, a grader, which scrapes snow to be equipped under the vehicle, and, development and installation of chemical spray devices. Meanwhile, there are a number of plow shapes according to the usage, bodies of those vehicles are needed to be modified accordingly.  

Development of a body, a base of snow plow
After new Quon was launched in the spring of 2017, a project was set up to develop snow plows based on new Quon. The leader of the project was Hiroshi Matsunaga from the Technology Project Office. The team built a base body through exchanging opinions with body manufacturers.