ageo factory tour
Factory Tour

At the UD Trucks Ageo Plant, we manufacture the heavy-duty Quon with pride and passion. There are seven key processes involved in the manufacturing of the truck. Here we take a closer look at each process, showing how the Quon is built from start to finish.

Stamping Factory

The first video introduces the stamping factory where cab components for trucks, such as doors are manufactured.


Welding Line

Panels molded at the stamping factory are welded into the shape of the cab.

Paint Line

In the painting process, we will paint the cab made through the press factory and welding process!


Trim Line

Here, the parts necessary for the function of the cab such as instruments, window glass, air conditioner, etc are assembled to the cab painted in the painting process.

Engine Assembly Line

This is a highly automated process . See how the cylinder block becomes the engine with state-of-the-art production technology.


Vehicle Assembly Line

In this process, the shape of a truck is finally revealed. You can also see the frame reversing device, one of the most popular parts of the factory tour.

Final Inspection Line

In this process, the fully assembled truck is carefully inspected and tested by man and machine.

final inspection