New Quon launches in Australia, on the road to market expansion in Australia


UD Trucks has started sales of its flagship heavy duty truck, New Quon in Australia. UD Trucks is the first Japanese truck brand to launch a heavy duty model that meets the latest emission regulations. By widening the choice of models available to customers, UD Trucks aims to expand its sales in the Australian market.

Since entering the market in 1973, UD Trucks has won the strong support of customers for the high reliability of its trucks. UD Trucks is especially in demand for trucking between urban centers, within cities, and in municipalities’ civil engineering works. Significantly in the tractor segment, the 6 x 4 tractor continues to hold the top share among Japanese brands. With the all-new Quon, in addition to extending its line-up with a 6 x 2 cargo to meet local needs, UD Trucks has mounted an improved 460ps GH 11 engine on its already high reputation tractor. The new Quon contributes to customers’ business by combining the five essential areas that distinguish UD Trucks — drivability, fuel efficiency, safety, productivity and uptime.

The all-new Quon will be sold through Volvo Group Australia’s dealership and its partners, which has 39 sales and service locations throughout the country. Extensive and high quality customer service will also be provided through the dealership. With the best of three worlds, which is the strong dealer network, UD’s Japanese heritage of manufacturing quality and access to the Volvo Group's latest technologies, sales activities for the Quon will now be further expanded to large fleet companies.


Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, Senior Vice President, UD Trucks International Sales, said: “Loyal to our brand promise, we are indeed leveraging the best of the three worlds in Australia with the Quon introduction. With Volvo Group technology, Japanese craftsmanship and Australia local Gemba, I am positively convinced that we will increase our customer satisfaction and interest into the UD Trucks’ brand and products.” 



A launch event in November combined a dealer day, customer days and media test drive for more than 150 guests. Seven new trucks were kitted out in tractor, cargo and dump truck variations so that customers could experience the Quon’s functional excellence.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to give Australian dealers and customers the chance to experience all the new Quon models,” commented Mark Strambi, Vice President for Sales, UD Trucks Australia; adding “I believe the New Quon is the best Japanese truck in the Australian market, and I am confident that customers will reach the same decision.”
There is currently a robust demand for trucks in the construction and utilities sectors in Australia. In accordance with the market trend, UD Trucks launched the new PW 24 280 model in the second half of 2016. UD Trucks sold a cumulative total of 305 units up to October 2017, far surpassing the full-year 2016 total of 202 units.

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UD Trucks is a leading Japanese total transport solution provider. UD Trucks was established in Japan in 1935, and became a part of the Volvo Group in 2007. UD Trucks has established its headquarters in Japan and expanded its sales network in Japan and more than 60 countries worldwide. At UD Trucks, our mission is to provide the added value of Ultimate Dependability derived from UD to our company’s products as well as an unsurpassed level of excellence for our customers