We are one UD family.

We see our culture of diversity and empowerment as a core competitive advantage.

Our flexible and modern ways of working give you opportunities to enjoy work-life balance, stay ahead and enjoy a life-long learning.

Be part of our journey to create Better Life for society, for our customers and for yourself!

Better life   Challenger   Diverse   Growth   Flex

UD is the smart and friendly Japanese challenger, an established truck maker with over 80 years of history. Our roots are Japanese, our business international, and our mindset global. Read more about Our Heritage

We promise to always go the extra mile, to make life better for our customers, colleagues and society. We challenge and innovate, always with people at the center, to make logistics smarter and UD a great place to work. Read more about our Challenger for Better Life story

Our friendly culture of diversity, flexibility and transparency is our competitive advantage. With us you have ample growth and learning opportunities across our global network. Our passion for customers, quality and craftsmanship, combined with team spirit and respect for a healthy work-life balance, creates a desired and meaningful workplace. For us happy colleagues leads to happy customers and a happy culture. Read more about Our Values

Join our family to be part of our journey to create a better life for the society, for our customers and for yourself!



Every day, our solutions ensure that people have food on the table, that children receive their books to study & elderly get the needed medical support.

Looking ahead, demand for transport will keep growing. This is triggered by global movements such as the increase of the world population, urbanization, globalization, the rise of e-commerce and digitalization. This means that the transport industry has a bright future and will offer you great development opportunities. With major technological changes ahead, there has never been a more exciting time to work in the transport industry.

It also means that when working in the transport industry, you have the power to shape the society you live in. Indeed it is our job to offer transport solutions that are safe, efficient and sustainable and make logistics smarter.

We are part of the largest commercial vehicle alliance which gives our colleagues access to the best minds, technology & platform to lead change. If you want to make a real difference to society; the transportation business and UD Trucks is where you want to be – now and in the coming years.

Truck drivers deliver the items we take for granted everyday, including food and medical supplies. They are the unsung heroes on the frontlines. As the world practices self-isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, take a moment to recognize the solitary nature of the truck driver’s daily life. Traveling long distances most often alone, to deliver the good we depend on.

UD Trucks aims to practice CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which creates shared value for both stakeholders and the company by solving issues existing in the logistics industry and society.

Better life   Challenger   Diverse   Growth   Flex



The demand for transport and construction will keep growing in the future. That demand must be fulfilled while respecting the environment. In order to do this a modern and challenger outlook is needed.

We are a lean agile company who dares to challenge the status quo to transform ourselves and our industry. Modern knowhow with Japanese craftsmanship.

Our UD Innovation Roadmap “Fujin & Raijin Vision 2030” defining the next generation of smart logistics solutions with disruptive innovations in automation, electro mobility and connectivity

We are at the forefront in digitalization & modern ways of working

Virtual Reality

In addition to digital mock-ups using conventional 3D-CAD systems, a VR lab has been set up to allow ergonomics evaluation to be performed at early stages of development.

Smart Devices

The use of smart devices to disseminate information on the factory floor, such as tablets, smartphones, and smart watches, improves speed and efficiency.

AI and BI

By utilizing data in offices and factories in combination with AI (Artificial intelligence) and BI (Business intelligence), reports and data analysis are automated.

Better life   Challenger   Diverse   Growth   Flex



  • With 41 nationalities and business in 50 markets, we have a strong culture of diversity, open communication, non-hierarchy and respect for people.
  • We work together as One UD family with our inclusive leaders & helpful colleagues
  • We have inspiring employee networks and consistent company commitment for D&I

Female Dialogue with Leaders 

Over 300 female colleagues gathered in Ageo headquarters during D&I week where UD executives led dialog sessions with participants.

Seminars and talks

We invite a variety of external speakers, including female leaders and industry experts, to discuss benefits of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Experiencing Disability

Colleagues experience what it is like to use a wheelchair or walk blind folded, to become sensitized to the challenges people with disabilities face.

Better life   Challenger   Diverse   Growth   Flex



UD Trucks is a company where all people regardless of background are empowered to succeed . We proactively provide equal employment opportunities and encourage employees to work in ways that support various circumstances and lifestyles.

  • A strong belief in decentralized decision making & empowering individuals from the start
  • Growth opportunities & exposure through the end to end value chain across professions, levels & geographies
  • World class learning & development opportunities as a learning organization

We provide programs that encourage employees to develop themselves and the business from a global perspective. Colleagues from all over the world connect virtually on a daily basis via Skype and livestreaming of events.

Learning Day

Every year UD Trucks holds “Learning Day” to encourage colleagues to take advantage of the many learning opportunities and proactively explore various career paths within the organization.

Performance Touchpoint

UD Trucks uses an interactive system called “Touchpoint” among managers, individual employees and teams. Employees discuss progress related to their work projects as well as career aspirations. Through frequent feedback, we learn and grow together.

Town Hall Meeting

UD Trucks conducts monthly town hall meetings with executive management that are broadcast live to all colleagues, offering the opportunity for feedback through online questions and comments.

Gemba Challenge

This is a worldwide competition for service market teams to improve and demonstrate their skills with the best in the UD world.

Emerging Leaders

UD Trucks invests in the development of future leaders. A nine month leadership development program, a group of “Emerging Leaders” is selected to further develop leadership skills through a combination of selflearning, team building, and lectures by senior executives.

Early Career Network

Started in 2019, this network works to develop and empower a community of young professionals. The goals are to create a vibrant workplace based on the three pillars: career development, cross-functional collaboration and culture change.



  • We have been a benchmark in flexible working arrangements
  • We strive to create an inspiring, safe and happy workplace for our colleagues, built on mutual trust
  • Our performance linked reward strategy enables flexibility in benefits and personal choice

UD Trucks strives to maximize the potential of each employee to grow and perform as part of a larger team. We are actively promoting improvements in work styles and workplaces, such as utilizing state-of-the-art communication system to allow work from anywhere – be it the office, home or somewhere in between.

To create a safe and comfortable work environment, we continue to modernize our offices, factories, and customer centers – such as incorporating the latest communication technology.
In addition, we regularly hold seminars and hands-on sessions to encourage employees to think about their health and safety, thereby raising awareness.

Working From Home

We encourage working from home to support better work-life balance and promote a variety of work styles.

Supporting Working Mothers

We assist working mothers in balancing their careers and raising children, with the help of flexible company policies.

Support from Human Resources
Utilizing digital tools, we have established a system that allows employees to think about work-life balance and freely choose how to work.

Better life   Challenger   Diverse   Growth   Flex