Final Stage of UD Trucks’ Aftermarket Competition for Employees in Asia and Africa to take place in Japan UD Trucks Gemba Challenge 2014

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The final stage of UD Trucks Gemba Challenge 2014, the company’s Aftermarket Competition, will take place in Japan on November 18, 2014.

Nine teams out the 186 teams that entered will compete at the final stage. This year is the first time UD Trucks has held the Challenge for employees from Asia and Africa, with the aim of developing collaboration and a team spirit.

The contest started in June 2014 with two theoretical online rounds. Of the 750 participants from Indonesia, Malaysian, South African, South Asia and Japan divided into 186 teams, nine teams with a total of 36 people won a place in the final stage. The final stage consists of seven subjects, including diagnostic system, engine, information system, brake, electrical component, power transmission, and vehicle failure diagnosis. The time limit for each subject is 35 minutes, with 5 minutes to read the question and 30 minutes to solve it.

The challenge is not only to test the individual capability of mechanics, parts advisors and front staff, but also to promote a team spirit by solving problems together. Previous Challenges had only been open for employees from Japan but with the competition now open for entry from other markets this year, it offers the participants opportunities to compete at global level and motivates employee growth. 

Gemba Challenge, as the largest training event at UD Trucks, on one hand promotes the importance of aftermarket internally; on the other hand, demonstrates the commitment of UD Trucks to provide products and services of excellent quality.

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