Businesses can drive optimum performance with introduction of full Quester range

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UD Trucks has introduced the full Quester range in the market, which offers increased flexibility to meet the needs of businesses across various industries. Industry players laud the additional new features at an exclusive test drive event in Thailand.

[28 SEPTEMBER 2015, BANGKOK] Japanese truck maker UD Trucks, which is wholly owned by Volvo Group, has introduced the full line of its Quester heavy-duty truck range. Today, customers can enjoy incomparable freedom with Quester’s variety of customisation choices to suit their business needs. To commemorate the release of all models in the range, some 780 customers from countries spanning Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines were invited to an exclusive test drive event. This was held from 22 to 26 September at the Kaeng Krachan Circuit, just off the Thai City of Hua Hin.

First introduced in 2013, Quester embodies the firm’s vision “to make the trucks that the world needs today”. Developed with a customer-centric approach, and complemented with UD’s 80-year Japanese engineering heritage and Volvo Group’s global resources, Quester is a modern heavy-duty truck built to address the demands of the growth markets in Asia and beyond.

Accordingly, Quester is designed to perform across various industries, from mining to construction, to logistics and long-haul transportation. Its wide range of different product types offers unparalleled flexibility for businesses across a host of industries to achieve optimal performances at minimal cost.

The full range offers an additional 15 configurations, making it a truly versatile choice for businesses. This includes a new 8-litre engine in addition to the current 11-litre engine, both with high torque capabilities and running at low RPM to optimise fuel consumption. Horsepower options ranging from 220 to 420, as well as a selection of either a 9-speed or 12-speed gearbox, are also available. Furthermore, Quester’s wide variety of axle configurations comprises the 4x2, 6x2 and 8x4 in addition to the current 6x4 for both tractor and rigid.

At the test drive event, customers were treated to a first-hand experience of the various offerings that Quester provides. The expanded range received rousing feedback from the participants. One such customer, Sathaporn Tungwiboonpanich from Sathaporn Logistics Ltd. Partnership, commended the full range, noting: “Within the industry, the UD Trucks brand is highly trusted. For us, truck performance and safety are the most important factors, and we are assured of that with UD’s vehicles and aftermarket solutions. The new updates to the Quester line truly show that the company understands the needs on the ground. With the increased versatility of the various configurations in the Quester range, we can fully optimise the truck to our different business needs.”

To complement Quester’s proven fuel-efficiency and superior performance, UD offers a total transport solution where product features and service support are tightly integrated. With more on-the-ground touch points from Quester’s growing service network, and preventive maintenance analysis through the truck’s telematics system, customers can be assured of Quester’s long-term reliability and durability. 

Kishi Nobuhiko, Vice President, Brand and Product Line, UD Trucks, said: “At UD Trucks, we are committed to developing products that start with the customer’s perspective. From Quester’s conceptualisation to today, we are always listening to their feedback to understand their business needs in this fast-paced environment. We are pleased to see that Quester has been well-received by our customers during the test drive event in Thailand, and we are confident that this highly customisable fuel-efficient heavy-duty range can support their business requirements across different industries.”

Jacques Michel, President of UD Trucks Thailand, added: “The different truck configurations, and engine and gearbox options, ensure that we can provide the right truck for the right customer’s application, so that it operates at best performance while delivering optimal fuel-efficiency. This can certainly contribute to significant cost benefits for businesses, and we will continue to work with the industry to offer the very best products that address the demands our customers face in Thailand and in the region’s growth markets.”

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Businesses can drive optimum performance with introduction of full Quester range

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