Service agreements with the benefits of Genuine Parts and Service for total peace of mind

Why take the risk with anything else?

Managing a fleet is no easy task, but with UD Trust, we can make that much simpler while providing full peace of mind. UD Trust Ultimate provide options for a complete preventive maintenance programed for your vehicle so you can enjoy all the benefits of UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts without worrying about the hows or whys. Not only will your fleet enjoy professional service and high-quality, assured parts from UD Trucks, you can also have improved cost control with our simple, no-hidden-costs invoicing and help from our service advisers every step of the way.

What is UD Trust?
UD Trust is the name of the official UD Trucks service agreement program. When you sign a UD Trust Service Agreement with us, we'll ensure that your truck is running at peak efficiency by making sure it gets the essential UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts it needs.

How does UD Trust work?
We know every business is unique, which is why a representative from UD Trucks will visit you to find out what your operations are like in order to provide a customized quote based on the needs and usage of your business and your fleet – no paying for extra services you won't need. Once the service agreement contract has been signed, you'll receive a monthly invoice. It's as simple as that.

What are the benefits of UD Trust for me?

UD Trust makes your fleet perform at its best. With the trucks receiving specialist care from those who know it best at UD Genuine Service, plus the best UD Genuine Parts, you'll maximize the uptime, efficiency and the lifetime of your vehicles. When you sign with UD Trust, you'll know exactly what service will cost you during the duration of the agreement. With no hidden costs and simple monthly invoices, you'll enjoy greater control over costs, easier administration and enjoy more time to get the most important things done.

What does UD Trust cover?
There are two service agreement plans: UD Trust Standard and UD Trust Ultimate. UD Trust Standard covers the annual and basic services your individual UD Truck requires. This includes all essential service areas such as scheduled inspections, lubricants and maintenance parts. In some markets there is the UD Trust Extra with additional items. UD Trust Ultimate offers comprehensive and total coverage for all aspects of your UD Truck. It delivers maximum reliability and peace of mind paired with the highest level of cost control and efficiency.
A variety of options
(Below are examples of UD Trust plans and content. UD service agreements differ between markets. Please contact your UD local representative for more information.)

The UD Trust Basic plan aims to identify any faults with your vehicle during routine maintenance services and inform you before any consequential damage occurs. The Basic plan offers protection against unexpected expenses and costly breakdowns.

The UD Trust Extra plan covers all that is included in the Basic Program as well as repairs to brakes and clutch components. The Extra plan gives you excellent protection against unplanned standstills.

The UD Trust Ultimate plan is the most comprehensive of UD Trucks Service Agreements. The Ultimate plan covers all that is included in the Basic and Extra plans but with the added confidence of repairs to the electrical, engine, driveline, braking and steering systems. This program may also include UD Road Support and additional UD Telematics Services.