UD Trucks participates in Japan Automotive Engineering Exposition


Since 1992, the Japan Automotive Engineering Exposition has showcased automotive products and technologies from all over the world. This year's event is being held online from May 26 to July 30 where UD Trucks will showcase some of its key products and initiatives.

UD Trucks is committed to providing sustainable transport solutions, focusing on the areas of smart logistics, environment, better workplaces and communities. This is part of the company's Better Life strategy, to make life better for people and the planet.

On display are the heavy-duty Quon GH11 and GH8 engines as well as ESCOT VI automated manual transmission, which together achieve high levels of fuel efficiency, drivability and safety. Disc breaks will also be featured, along with the heavy-duty Quester model which has been designed specifically for emerging markets.

An overview of the UD Trucks virtual exhibition can be found here.
Note: pre-registration is required.

① Quon: Flagship heavy-duty truck
With innovation that puts people first, this next generation truck features design enhancements across five major areas. This includes ESCOT-VI – the latest evolution in 12-speed automated manual transmission, disc brakes, and an interior designed to maximize driver comfort.
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② GH11, GH8 engines: Enhanced fuel efficiency and environmental performance
Fuel-efficient, powerful and clean GH11 and GH8 engines are light-weight and compact with powerful torque. The engines comply with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations and achieve +5% over fuel efficiency standards. With downsized light-weight and compact engine with a simpler structure, the GH8 engine generates powerful torque across the whole area. It both achieves light-weight as well as high payload.
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③ ESCOT-VI: The latest evolution in automated manual transmissions
ESCOT-VI provides highly-evolved hardware and software control to ensure professional driving performance. With its advanced and accurate gear changes, ESCOT-VI reduces levels of stress and fatigue while driving, contributing to driver comfort and safety.
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④ Disc brakes: Equipped on all Quon models
Disc brakes allow for quick and smooth pedal response, with reliable braking even on long descents with a full load. By combining advanced systems such as brake blending and an Emergency Braking System (EBS), disc brakes are easier on drivers and the cargo.
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⑤ Quester: Heavy-duty truck dedicated for growth markets
A heavy-duty truck that combines superior fuel efficiency with durability. Quester’s flexibility makes it suitable across a variety of applications and segments such as general cargo, long haul, construction and waste management.
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⑥ Innovation: Fujin & Raijin Vision 2030
“Fujin & Raijin. Vision 2030.” is an Innovation Roadmap which aims to deliver solutions for smart logistics, including fully-electric and autonomous trucks towards 2030. The roadmap focuses on the areas of automation and electromobility to address the challenges of a rapidly-changing world.  
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⑦ New Technology unveiled on July 1st
A new technology from UD Trucks will be introduced to the world on July 1st. 
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About Japan Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Online
Date: May 26-July 30, 2021
Venue: Online
Admittance: Free (pre-registration required)
Web site: https://aee.expo-info.jsae.or.jp/en/

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UD Trucks is a leading Japanese commercial vehicle solutions provider, active in more than 60 countries on all continents. Since its inception in 1935, the company has been an innovation leader with a clear vision to provide the trucks and services the world needs today.

The company is committed to go the extra mile for smart logistics with the most dependable solutions for demanding customers. To best support across applications and geographies, UD Trucks offers a full range of heavy duty trucks - Quon and Quester, medium duty trucks - Condor and Croner, and light duty trucks - Kazet and Kuzer, as well as associated operational and financial services.

UD Trucks is a proud member of the Isuzu Group with 36,856 employees (as of March 2021).