UD Trucks holds virtual Uptime Conference for frontline workers

On November 24, UD Trucks held its annual Uptime Conference to share the latest technology and best practices around aftermarket services. A total of 348 UD Trucks service and parts frontline workers from across Japan attended the event. For the first time it was held virtually, to ensure the health and safety of participants amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

UD Trucks has been holding the conference since 2013, helping strengthen the networking of mechanics in particular who do not normally interact in person. The event helps boost the quality of maintenance services, thereby contributing to improved uptime and customer satisfaction.

The workshop consisted of various sessions ranging from sharing the latest maintenance inspection methods and management strategies to networking among frontline workers and aftermarket support functions from headquarters. Participants also exchanged information on ways to improve parts procurement and sales operations.

Martin Jerresand, Vice President of Uptime and Retail, said, "The importance of logistics becomes even greater in challenging times and it is thanks to our frontline workers that trucks stay on the road to deliver the goods that we all depend on. All departments and functions across UD Trucks work to support gemba activities and we want all our frontline workers to feel confident about that. In turn, we believe our frontline can pass on a great sense of confidence to our customers through better uptime services."

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