Two UD Trucks employees win Saitama Meister Award

ធ្នូ 11, 2020

The Saitama Meister Award goes to highly skilled individuals under the age of 30 who study or work in Saitama Prefecture who are recognized as a role models for aspiring professionals in field of manufacturing.

With the inclusion of this year's award winners, a total of 43 UD Trucks employees have received the accolade since it was first awarded in 1996.

Learn more about the two winners below:


Masayoshi Yoshida - Sheet metal expert


- First class factory sheet metal technician (punching and bending sheet metal work)

- Outstanding inspection skills and commitment to quality

- Sub-leader of sheet metal team and mentor to younger colleagues

- Dedicated to continuous improvement and acquiring various levels of proficiency certification

Comments from Yoshida-san:

We place high emphasis on the quality of the appearance to exact specifications, as we strive to provide better products to our customers. I always try to challenge the status quo and improve my skills while acting as a role model for younger colleagues.


Kouhei Segawa  - Vehicle assemble expert

- First class vehicle assembler (vehicle assembly class)

- Dedicated to craftsmanship with deep knowledge of vehicle structure and functionality

- Winner of the Saitama Quality Control gold medal in 2018

- Respected as a leader in the workplace and role model for younger colleagues

Comments from Segawa-san:

I always try to pay attention to the quality of my work to deliver products that will fully satisfy our customers. I want to share my knowledge and experience while helping my colleagues improve their skills.

This year’s winners of the Saitama Meister Award serve as another example of the company’s commitment to quality and providing the trucks, services, and solutions that the world needs today and tomorrow.

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