Wide range
Wide range

The widest range of possibilities

The secret of Quester lies in its versatility. With Quester, UD Trucks offers a vehicle that allows customization for any transport requirement. So we can provide you as truck owner, or bodybuilder, with great freedom of choice at a competitive price. Quester is available in eight different configurations with a large wheelbase range.

Long haul

If you want to run further in long-haul transport, Quester shifts your transport performance up a gear and steps on the brakes in terms of cost.

1. Spacious comfortable sleeper cab designed for long haul applications with high roof and twin bunks
2. Leading in fuel economy due to optimized powertrain, fuel coaching system and aerodynamic design
3. Composite aerodynamic bumper with front underrun protection (FUP)
4. Durable and reliable driveline
5. Available as 6×2T, 6×4T, 6×4R and 8×4R




Reliable, manoeuvrable and economical – these are the essential characteristics of Quester for short-haul and distribution.

1. Wide product offer designed for ease of superstructure installation
2. Ease of maintainability with low maintenance cost for driveline and chassis
3. Ergonomic and functional workplace
4. Easy entry and exit
5. Available as 4×2T/R, 6×2T/R and 6×4T/R


Construction and mining

Quester is especially adapted for the construction and mining industries. It is strong, reliable and designed for handling high payloads.

1. Reliable chassis for rough and hilly conditions
2. Hub reduction available on the tandem axles with the tried and tested T-Ride rear suspension
3. Steel off road bumper with high ground clearance and excellent approach angle
4. Rolling form frame suitable for both vertical and torsion stress
5. Available as 6×4T/R and 8×4R


I drive a Quester Readymix truck. This truck is my baby. It has a straightforward gear change, and it’s very powerful. It’s a fantastic truck, and a comfortable one too.

Marks Kekana, Driver at Quicksand


Bodywork made easy

The Quester is designed for ease of superstructure installation with comprehensive bodybuilder instructions and drawings. The parallel side members, designed bodybuilder mounts and a range of power take-offs add to the ease of installation.