Leading transport business in a new era

Fuel efficiency

Feel the Quality in Every Day Driving: Top-Class Environmental Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The fusion of a high performance engine, recovery control DPF and the urea SCR system, realizes the top class environmental performance, pursuing fuel efficiency and powerful drivability at the same time.


Advanced Safety Functions Beneficial to Business and Society

Four wheel disc brakes are equipped as one of the standard features to support driving safety*, and other sophisticated brake systems including ABS+EBD are adopted. These functions give drivers a sense of security in daily use by providing safety, which is the foundation of the transportation business.*Excluding 4WD wide cabs


Efficiency from a Comfortable Driving Environment.

With consideration of the various situations of driving a light-duty truck, excellent comfortableness is created. Not only the spaciousness of the cabin, but also the ease of getting in and out and mobility in the cabin are reflected in the vehicle design. In addition, supportive equipment for professionals, including a multi-functional monitor to provide information of the car appropriately, as well as various storage spaces, were realized for reducing driver fatigue and increasing work efficiency.


Excellent Off-Road Capability and Driving Stability, Kazet 4WD.

Excellent off-road capability is the major advantage of 4WD, it supports daily operations safely and powerfully.This capability enables driving durability on unsurfaced and rough roads even in mountainous or snowy areas.


Our Innovative Ideas Increase Business Efficiency

Kazet RK is a new model with high load capacity beyond the existing categories, with capabilities for diversified short distance transportation and urban distribution. Our innovative ideas realized an unprecedented efficiency by creating a wider cargo space, which was demanded for light-duty trucks, and more load capacity, which is demanded of medium-duty trucks. With its high load capacity, total cost-saving effects, and driver-oriented and eco-friendly performance, Kazet RK provides ideal high efficiency transportation to our customers’ businesses. (Champagne gold is the special color of the catalog.) 


Better drivability and fuel economy

Kazet has adopted Dual Clutch Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), a sophisticated feature for a light-duty truck. This gives the driver the flexibility to operate the vehicle automatically or shift gears manually. The efficient transmission contributes to better fuel economy and helps reduce driver fatigue.


Kazet Hybrid: An Advanced Model with Excellent Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Performance

Kazet’s cutting-edge technologies; dual clutch AMT and urea SCR system. Overwhelmingly superior fuel efficiency and environmental performance are realized by combining the hybrid system with the above two systems.This model has also achieved significant reduction of CO2 emissions.