A selection responding to the business setting, Condor.

With Condor, we offer a wide range of models that meet the business needs of fuel efficiency, safety, performance and drivability, which are required for medium-duty trucks.


Comfortable Driving Performance for All Drivers

Highly efficient engine and AMT (automatic mechanical transmission) have been adopted.These features will assist daily pleasant driving by providing comfortable operability to every driver and reducing fatigue caused by driving for a long time.

Fuel efficiency

The highly efficient engine contributes to a reduction in transportation costs

The engine realizes high efficiency even though it is light and compact. It realizes high environmental and loading performance and fuel efficiency, and significantly contributes to a reduction in transportation costs.


Adopt advanced safety technology and support daily safe driving

By mixing advanced safety systems such as the Pre-crash Brake, the Lane Departure Warning System, and the Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning, we improve safety and contribute to a reduction in driver fatigue and enable daily safe driving. 


Reliability and durability you can count on

Highly reliable and durable trucks are essential for ensuring the high levels of uptime and distribution that shippers demand. We support our customers' businesses with reliability and durability that they can count on.