UD Trucks



正如同最新世代的Quon重型貨車,『UD原廠售服零件』提供完整的售後服務產品可提高產品的妥善率。Condor車系的『省油王(Fuel Economy King)』監控系統,透過語音提示及螢幕資訊顯示提醒駕駛者的駕車與控制以改善油耗。多功能顯示幕提供的整合資訊也可透過網際網路監控車輛狀況,可隨時監控油耗及車輛狀況(泥頭車除外)。選配的迨速停止系統(ISS, Idling Stop System)也可有效降低油耗(泥頭車及冷凍車除外)

The Condor models share the same full air brakes, brake lining, axle parts and other components with the Quon heavy-duty truck series to construct brake and suspension systems for greater peace of mind.

Like the latest generation of the Quon, "UD Genuine After Market Product" which is comprehensive after-the-sale service product is set out to improve operation rate. The Condor models are fitted with the "Fuel Economy King" guidance system that uses voice messages and screen images to advise the driver on driving techniques for improving fuel economy. A multifunction display is also provided that incorporates a new function for monitoring the vehicle's operational status via the Internet. These standard equipment features support fuel-efficient driving and vehicle operation with peace of mind. (Excluding mixer trucks). An idling stop system (ISS) which supports fuel-efficient driving is available as an option. (Excluding mixer trucks and refrigerator trucks)


GH7引擎搭載最高壓力達2,000 bar的新世代高壓共軌噴油系統,省油性佳,符合日本重型貨車的嚴格油耗標準。性能方面,可變噴嘴渦輪增壓系統(VNT, Variable Nozzle Turbocharger)改善了低轉速域的扭力輸出,使GH7引擎能在整個常用轉速範圍內,呈現一個高原式的扭力輸出曲線。Condor PK同時也採用了與Quon最新世代相同的UDPC系統及SCR廢氣後處理系統以減少微粒排放與氮氧化合物(NOx)。這些防制汙染技術結合全新世代的GH7引擎符合歐洲五期及日本2009的排放標準。