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Power. Reliability. Operational efficiency. Just three of the assets that the Quester and Croner bring to waste management assignments.
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Famed for its endurance, the Quester is a versatile and agile workhorse that provides cost-efficient payback in the long-term. Allison automatic transmission is now available. This means easier driving with simple stop-start in tight urban environments with many collection points.



The Croner is a flexible, efficient compliment to the new Quester. It features a clean, simple and comfortable cab environment, thus is ideally suited to waste management assignments. Easily serviced and providing maximum uptime, it saves time and fuel on the road.


Both the Quester and the Croner are designed to make superstructure installation easy. Comprehensive and flexible bodybuilder preparations and power take-offs for specific applications make them ideal to be adapted for the kind of assignments you need to be ready for.

                                          Skip loader                                                      For transport of urban industrial waste to city recycling unit. Also used in estates and semi-rural areas.

                                 Dropside with high side                                               For the collection of general waste – mainly steel, plastic and paper – from centralized sites. 

                                          Compactor                                                     Designed for the collection and transport of residential urban waste to city recycling unit. 

                                           Vacuum unit                                            For the collection and disposal of sewage. In urban industrial and semi-rural use. 

Quester and Croner models suitable for Waste Management

โครเนอร์ LKE






GVW 12 - 14Ton


6-speed MT


180 - 210HP


750; 825


Full air brake system; Automatic slack adjuster; ABS optional; Spring-based parking brakes; Exhaust brake system


ยูโร 3


ขนส่งสินค้าทั่วไป; Tipper

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Expert Story

“Given the current market situation for our customers, both Quester and Croner are perfectly suited to this environment.”

Maruyama Mikito, Senior Product Manager UD Trucks MEENA talks about what the Quester and Croner bring to waste management assignments.

Can you begin by identifying any current trends within waste management?

Our customers are under major cost pressure to get their contracts renewed for bigger areas with much tighter budgets. This forces them to look at any possible ways of reducing costs without compromising on the uptime and availability of their truck. Waste management is a very demanding and severe application, as some of the trucks operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The trucks are used for the cleaning of residential areas and hence cannot stop working.

What do you see being most important to provide for your customers?

We offer the simple features that are needed by our customers without making them pay for features that they do not need . In this way we can say that we excel on the essentials.
Longer service intervals are very important to our customers who are looking to maximize their uptime. With strong support from local partners, we offer driver and technician trainings, service contracts and other support.

Which UD trucks are most important and relevant to the waste management sector?
A variety of applications are used in our markets, such as compactors, vacuum and water tankers, bin washers, hook lifts, skip loaders, road sweepers and tipper trucks. Quester and Croner are our top two. Both trucks offer durability, reliability, easy body installation, fuel efficiency and versatility.
Both trucks offer durability, reliability, easy body installation, fuel efficiency and versatility.

Customer Success Story

  • Clayton Fischer is Senior Transport Controller at SA Metal Group, South Africa’s oldest metal recycling company. 
    He talked to us about what qualities he and his company look for in a vehicle, and why the Quester represents an ideal transport solution. 

    “It is the complete package and everything we needed for this job”. 

    Watch the video on UD Trucks’ YouTube channel.