Construction challenges

Why UD Trucks for construction ?

Construction challenges

The tough two

Solid, smart and future-designed. Meet UD Trucks’ dependable duo for construction.

New Quester


New Quester's GH11E engine and ESCOT means greater fuel efficiency and easier driving is added to the truck's already famed endurance. A versatile workhorse that provides maneuverability and ground clearance to handle the toughest terrain.



The Croner is a flexible, efficient compliment to New Quester. Suited to more specific construction tasks, it is available in three GVW ranges and saves both time and fuel.


New Quester is designed to make super-structure installation easy. Comprehensive bodybuilder instructions and power take offs for specific applications make it ideal to be adapted for all assignments and road conditions.

Quester Mixer/Concrete

Quester Mixer/Concrete

Quester Tanker

Quester Tanker

UD Trucks Construction segment

Croner Dropside

Quester Dump Truck/Tipper

Quester /Tipper

Croner Mixer/Concrete

Croner Dump Truck/Tipper

Break new ground

Power. Durability. Operational efficiency. Make the most of New Quester and Croner. In heavy construction, 6×4 and 8×4 rigid configurations provide flexibility to match the truck to the job.

Quester and Croner models suitable for Construction

Croner LKE

UD Trucks axle configuration icon

Axle Configuration


UD Trucks engine icon



UD Trucks weight icon


GVW 12 - 14Ton

UD Trucks transmission icon


6-speed MT; 6-speed AT

UD Trucks power icon


180 - 240Hp

UD Trucks torque icon


750; 825; 900

UD Trucks brake icon

Braking System

Full air brake system; Automatic slack adjuster; ABS optional; Spring-based parking brakes; Exhaust brake system

UD Trucks ECS icon

Emission Control System (ECS)

Euro 3; Euro 4

UD Trucks segment icon



A durable partnership

Construction projects demand the best support network possible. UD Extra Mile Support keeps your trucks working for you. Every hour, day or night.

UD Telematics

A high-tech wireless communications system designed to help you manage your fleet effectively, keeping wheels turning while reducing operational costs. Geofencing allows you to set the most efficient routes for maximum profitability. 

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UD Trust

UD Trust

Two levels of service care are available for construction: UD Trust Standard and UD Trust Extra. Both offer full transparency, no surprise costs and less administration. 

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UD Road Support

UD Trust: Service agreements

Details required for truck maintenance are packages in a Service Agreement. There are three levels of service care available:
UD Trust Standard 
UD Trust Extra 
UD Trust Ultimate 

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UD Genuine service

UD Driver Training

UD Genuine Parts

Expert Stories

“ESCOT contributes to easy driving on tough terrain and greatly improves fuel efficiency.”

Chris Swanepoel, Fleet Sales Manager, UD Trucks Southern Africa talks about the unique qualities that the New Quester brings to the Construction segment.

What do you think are the most important new features on New Quester for the construction industry?

Quester already has strong attributes for the construction segment. It can easily cope with tough assignments given its robust chassis, high ground clearance, steel bumper, hub reduction, durable and drivelines capable of higher payloads. Additionally we have added our in-house automated manual gearbox ESCOT complimented by a fully automatic Allison transmission for selected applications. Both contribute to easy driving in various road conditions and greatly improve fuel efficiency.

What are the main ESCOT benefits for construction?

ESCOT automatically starts with Eco mode, which gives the right shifting performance capturing the road and load condition for better fuel efficiency. For tough construction assignments, we need to have stable gear shifting in rough road conditions, otherwise will be difficult to operate in such areas. 

For this we have added the PWR+ mode from Eco mode. This will provide smoother and stable gear shifting operations at slow speed in rough road conditions, such as on construction sites.

Allison is ideal for stop-start operations. Can you expand a bit on its qualities for construction in particular?
Allison is ideal for short haul trips where you have many stop-start operations. Construction assignments are often in cities and regional areas, and delivering ready mix concrete and other construction materials in these cities is challenging. Allison is suitable for this type of operation as clutch maintenance costs are reduced and any driver can achieve higher levels of fuel efficiency.

How do lowered tare weight and improved driver comfort impact positively on construction?

In countries where have strict legal load limits, you must sacrifice the load if chassis weight is heavy. Lowered tare will increase the payload and productivity of operations. Also, we have introduced new air suspended seats with lumber support to improve driver comfort. This will lessen the strain on drivers when negotiating rough roads.

Customer Story

  • Firas Sader Al Deen, Transportation Manager.

    "We hope that this partnership keeps growing with our company and projects."


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