In Japanese, the word Quon means the eternal flow of time. For us at UD Trucks it means building on a legacy of reliability, quality and innovation. Quon incorporates past experiences and challenges, as well as input from our customers, to bring you the best in extra heavy trucking.

Fuel Efficiency

Refuel less, run further.

The Quon leads the way in efficient performance for heavy vehicles.


Designed for the long run

An efficient and reliable truck operation is built on efficient and reliable chassis. The Quon is available with extremely stable 6x4 chassis, built with high-quality components forming a solid foundation for your business. Ensuring long-haul durability, driver performance, and not least excellent driver comfort. We have simply optimized every single part to provide superior capacity, productivity, flexibility and fuel-efficiency in your business.


Uptime is quality time

All our services are designed with one common goal: to keep your business running. This means we do everything possible to maximise uptime and secure everyday efficiency. We take a major leap in overall quality and reliability, combining proven technology with new intelligent solutions to ensure maximum uptime and low cost of ownership.


With an extra eye on safety

Safety is key for efficient operation. First and foremost it’s about preventing accidents and minimizing the risk of injuries. But in addition, it’s also about securing uptime and reducing unnecessary hours at the workshop.

Driver Efficiency

Efficient comfort

The Quon cabin is designed for driver comfort and everyday efficiency. The ergonomic driver’s environment with its wide field of view and easy access to instruments and controls helps the driver stay focused on the road ahead. The high level of cabin comfort and pleasant ambiance also help the driver stay alert and reduce fatigue during long-haul driving.

Product Category With Details

Quon GW

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Axle Configuration


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GCW 65Ton

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12-speed AMT

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Braking System

Full air brake system; ABS; Spring-based parking brakes; Auxiliary Engine brake system; Retarder; Exhaust brake system

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Emission Control System (ECS)

Euro 3

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