UD Trucks' durability is excellent

NSL OilChem Waste Management, Singapore

NSL OilChem Waste Management is the environmental services arm of NSL Ltd, a leading industrial group in Asia Pacific. Established in 1997, NSL OilChem specializes in both oil-and-chemical waste management, providing treatment and logistics services of hazardous industrial wastewater from the chemical sector, and oily wastewater from both land and marine transportation sectors. It has around 20 New Quons in its fleet of 50 trucks. New Quon has been a high-performing addition to its fleet.

"With its advanced and smooth gear changes, New Quon is a breeze to operate, and reduces driver fatigue."
Logistics Director of NSL OilChem, Mr. Raymond Quek, is impressed with how New Quon has been able to easily meet and exceed the needs of the company. When looking for a new truck to add to the fleet, Raymond mentioned that there were three key criteria that New Quon passed with flying colors: in-built safety features, gross vehicle weight and payload which impact efficiency and fuel consumption, and a suitable wheel base for improved turning radius.

Other than the robust make of New Quon, another aspect in which the truck excels in is safety. Given the hazardous and flammable nature of the materials that NSL OilChem handles, safe driving is paramount to the success of the business. The company is committed to ensure that its drivers have the right tools to feel safe and comfortable when transporting high-risk cargo that can come in various packaging. New Quon has not only been able to adapt to moving a diverse range of materials, but also ensures driver safety and comfort.

Logistics Director of NSL OilChem, Mr. Raymond Quek says New Quon has been a great help as it is not only easy to drive, but also has additional features such as the Traffic Eye Brake and collision warning that makes the journey much safer.

New Quon is a breeze to operate with its advanced and smooth gear changes. In turn, this has a direct impact on increasing driver performance as it reduces fatigue while driving. Overall, having driven the truck himself, Raymond feels that New Quon has been able to seamlessly marry high-tech functions with “simple and easy-to-use design”.

Another safety element is the collision detection warning system or Traffic Eye Brake, for which Raymond has two words for - “it’s awesome”. Safety is built into New Quon on all levels; from disc brakes that make up its foundation to new technology that promotes active safety such as Traffic Eye Brake, Driver Alert System, Lane Departure Warning System and UD Stability Control.

New Quon has also contributed to higher fuel efficiency and uptime, bringing improved productivity and customer service to NSL OilChem. Additionally, the reliable and professional after-sales support as well as on-board diagnostics help to further reduce vehicle downtime – all of which have attributed to convincing factors to purchase UD Trucks.