Wide range

The widest range of possibilities

The secret of Quester lies in its versatility. With Quester, UD Trucks offers a vehicle that allows customization for any transport requirement. So we can provide you as truck owner, or bodybuilder, with great freedom of choice at a competitive price. Quester is available in eight different configurations with a large wheelbase range.

UD Trucks Quester
Wide Range

Fuel efficiency

UD Trucks Quester

First-rate fuel economy

Quester has built-in fuel-efficiency. The wide driveline offer gives the ability to optimize the powertrain with respect to power output, transmission and rear axle ratio. A well specified powertrain ensures that the engine operates at its peak efficiency at all times, enabling good fuel consumption and high average speeds.

Driver efficiency

Room for efficient driving

It’s all about space. Quester’s cab reduces driver’s fatigue in long distance operations. But a well-planned driver’s environment also results in safer and more fuel-efficient driving. After all, only a driver in top form can also produce top performances behind the steering wheel.

UD Trucks Quester


Delivers more than you expect

A heavy-duty chassis with high flexibility and quality is one of Quester’s main characteristics. The design of components comes from UD Trucks’ and Volvo Group’s proven commercial-vehicle technology. The entire chassis is subject to extensive tests in accordance with our global standards. This guarantees high reliability, good economy and a long life.



UD Trucks Quester
Built to last. Designed to save time.

With Quester we have created a reliable and productive truck, built with proven quality components. Simply put, an enduring and more serviceable truck made for the long run – so you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time working.

Product Category With Details

Quester CKE

UD Trucks axle configuration icon

Axle Configuration


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UD Trucks weight icon


GVW 21Ton

UD Trucks transmission icon


6-speed MT; 9-speed MT

UD Trucks power icon


220 - 330Hp

UD Trucks torque icon


850; 950; 1050; 1200

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Braking System

Full air brake system; Automatic slack adjuster; ABS optional; Spring-based parking brakes; Exhaust brake system

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Emission Control System (ECS)

Euro 3; Euro 4

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Emission Control System (ECS)



Heavy Duty
UD Trucks Quester
Made to go the extra mile

UD Trucks Quester


Medium Duty
UD Trucks Croner
Make every moment count

UD Trucks Quester

UD Trucks Quester

UD Trucks Quester