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Why UD Trucks for long haul?

New Quester features perfect for long haul

Where comfort equals efficiency

Giving drivers more comfort and room to live and work opens up your business to more profitable opportunities. New Quester takes this to a new level.

A spacious, well-appointed cab makes for a more pleasant and comfortable working environment. The High Roof Cab doubles as a mobile home on long haul assignments, delivering flexibility for a more productive working day on the move.

At the same time, ESCOT, the latest evolution in 12-speed automated manual transmission, provides a sophisticated and comfortable driving experience that reduces driver stress and fatigue. In an average daily truck operation with a manual transmission, drivers need to shift 1,000 to 1,500 times per day. This constant routine requires focus that could be better devoted to the road. With ESCOT always selecting the optimal gear, drivers can improve efficiency and productivity, regardless of their skill level or experience.



Lighter truck, higher payload          

Optimized tare weight is hugely profitable when combined with a powerful driveline. Depending on the specifications selected, it can significantly reduce New Quester’s tare weight, offering quick payback.

ESCOT lightweight drivability          

With key components made of aluminium, ESCOT automated manual transmission also contributes to New Quester’s low weight for higher payload. Choosing the right gear at all times, ESCOT delivers easy, efficient and productive driving, with high average speeds and low operating costs.

High average speed                          

When clocking up the kilometres over long stretches, it’s vital to maintain as steady a pace as speed limits allow. High torque at low revs means excellent engine response at all times. Both GH8E and GH11E engines deliver power and performance on demand, meaning a higher average speed and more productive operations.

Better fleet control                            

UD Telematics makes long haul operations easier via simple, intuitive technology. A smartphone app features geofencing, allowing you to track and trace locations and draw boundaries to optimize routes for maximum efficiency.

A fuel-friendly combo                       

It goes without saying that a fuel-efficient engine is a key enabler of profitability in the long haul industry. ESCOT communicates closely with New Quester’s GH11E engine to adjust revs and engine brake effect for fast, comfortable, fuel efficient gear shifts. When driving in Economy mode, every gear change is timed precisely, to let the engine work at its most efficient rpm range.

The perfect powertrain                     

The best modern powertrain combinations don’t simply deliver improved power and performance. They do it while consuming less fuel. New Quester features UDTrucks' in-house power train with AMT synchro. Also available are a wide choice of rear axle ratios for different applications, so that the truck can operate in the economy band at cruising speed in top gear. All the time delivering top performance.

On-board driver assistance             

A range of New Quester features help drivers go further to save fuel. Putting the vehicle in cruise control helps keep speed constant on long stretches of highway and sparsely populated roads. The driver information display also features a road speed limiter. This can be set to ensure that the truck only travels at speeds within the economy band.

Aerodynamic hub                            

New Quester’s aerodynamic design offers reduced wind resistance, which helps save on fuel. Streamlining behind the cab area and factory-fitted air deflectors are two aerodynamic innovations developed to make long haul assignments more economical. Combined with optimized power train and fuel coaching system, New Quester makes it easier to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Knowledge to improve                      performance                                       

Giving you the right tools for success is what we do. Via UD Telematics, a series of fuel utilization reports show how each driver and vehicle are performing. Easy to understand, this information can be used to make the changes you need to ensure your operations are as effective as they can be. Furthermore, a fuel theft alert function helps safeguard both profitability and vehicle security.


High Roof Cab                                   

Improving comfort for long haul operations can have a hugely positive effect on your bottom line. New Quester’s High Roof Cab is the largest in UD Trucks’ history. An impressively spacious, walk-through cab is equipped with upper and lower bunk beds for shared long-distance assignments.


Cab air suspension                          

With the introduction of cab air suspension, cab vibration is greatly reduced. This helps lessen driver fatigue and enables better productivity. A smoother ride is also much kinder to the goods being transported. Air suspension is more versatile on different types of terrain, and offers a more consistent all-round driving experience.


New driver seat                                 

Around 80 per cent of truck drivers globally suffer with back problems due to long hours spent in the driver seat. New Quester features a new air suspended seat with lumbar support and armrest. A worthwhile investment in reducing lost time injuries and retaining skilled drivers.

Vehicle handover                               

At UD Trucks, we believe that positive partnerships create good business. That’s why we introduced a vehicle handover, to ensure that all drivers get the full low-down on exactly the truck they will drive. Driver training from day one means that efficient driving and improved fuel economy don’t have to wait. And drivers getting familiar with features and daily checks increases on-road safety.

Better driver performance               

Our driver assistance features help to better overall performance. An angled dashboard layout with clear instrument panel and easy-to-reach switches mean that focus is totally on the road ahead. Clear information is available via a larger display, helping to deliver a more consistent drive with fewer unnecessary speed variations.

A smoother ride with ESCOT           

Easier driving can attract new talent in an age where driver shortage is hitting hard. With ESCOT onboard, all drivers can improve efficiency and productivity regardless of their skill level or experience. Stress and fatigue is also greatly reduced.

Cab impact protection                 

All UD trucks are developed and tested to the highest safety standards. Cab impact protection is designed to meet Japanese requirements of a flat barrier impact at 40 km/hr. Various features such as reinforced door panels and impact absorbing steering wheel and column ensure protection in the event of a collision, while three-point seat-belts with reminder are standard.

High visibility rear view mirrors 

New Quester’s High Roof Cab provides first-class all-round visibility and depending on customer preference or regulations there are two types of rear view mirrors, namely Japanese type and ECE certified.

Smooth and safe braking             

A reliable auxiliary braking system on New Quester helps to maintain safe speeds and delivers powerful braking without fade. The retarder is coordinated with UD Trucks’ Extra Engine Brake and maintains a steady speed while travelling downhill without using service brakes.

Safety built in for you                   

A host of in-built safety features include an optional retarder, which helps maintain a safe speed on downhills. An anti-spill fuel filling device ensures no lost fuel, and a standard battery isolator protects the battery when parked for longer periods. There is also a road-speed limiter, which reduces the chance of accidents when travelling at higher speeds.

Underrun protection                      

New Quester is available with Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS) and rear underrun protection as options. Front underrun protection is provided courtesy of a composite aerodynamic bumper. This offers effective protection for other vehicles and road users.

Guaranteed reliability                       

We call it the best of three worlds. A rich Japanese heritage. Global sourcing of the highest quality components. And developed with the full global resources of the Volvo Group. Meaning reliability and durability guaranteed.

Profitable service life                        

New Quester makes sense as a long term business investment. Why? Well, you can look forward to a profitable life-cycle. A strong, durable rolling form frame twinned with effective cab, axle and bogie suspension helps to reduce load and manages stresses on the chassis frame, ensuring a long-life.

Optimized service planning             

With longer service intervals, you won’t have to visit our workshops and instead get the most out of your fleet. Our optimized service planning uses in-vehicle diagnostics, which helps us plan any maintenance remotely to avoid unplanned stops. It also lets us customize service schedules for your specific application.

New Quester models suitable for Long haul

Quester GDE

UD Trucks axle configuration icon

Axle Configuration


UD Trucks engine icon



UD Trucks weight icon


GCW 48Ton

UD Trucks transmission icon


9-speed MT; 12-speed MT

UD Trucks power icon


280 - 440Hp

UD Trucks torque icon


1050; 1200; 1734; 1800; 2000

UD Trucks brake icon

Braking System

Full air brake system; Automatic slack adjuster; ABS optional; Spring-based parking brakes; Exhaust brake system

UD Trucks ECS icon

Emission Control System (ECS)

Euro 3; Euro 4

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UD Genuine Service

UD Genuine Parts

UD Driver Training

A high-tech wireless communications system that helps you manage your fleet effectively, keeping wheels turning while reducing operational costs. Our telematics service maximizes vehicle uptime via remote diagnostics, while fuel consumption reports help to increase profitability.


UD Telematics

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Details required for truck maintenance are packaged in a Service Agreement. There are three levels of service care available:
UD Trust Standard
UD Trust Extra
UD Trust Ultimate

UD Trust: Service agreements

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UD Road Support

At UD Trucks, we’re always working to keep any maintenance costs low. And should you need us, our Extra Mile Support includes a mobile workshop that brings our professional technicians to you, while Roadside Assistance gets your trucks back up and running asap.

UD Road Support

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Expert Story

Toshi Odawara, Vice President, UD Trucks Quester Product Line talks about New Quester’s qualities as a modern long haul transport solution.

”Automated gear shifting means being in the right gear at all times – a huge advantage for long haul.”

What kind of demands or current trends within long haul are most important to customers?

It is becoming more important to make sure drivers can do the job more efficiently by utilising technology such as easy shifting ESCOT. Imagine how many manual shifts drivers need to do while on a long haul trip. ESCOT reduces this stress so they can focus more on other important tasks.

Driver comfort is key for a long haul trip. Drivers must take a proper rest in bed during the journey and in some cases cook inside the cab to shorten delivery time. The cab in this case is like a second home. Fleet owners are also focusing on providing a comfortable cabin for drivers in order to improve their working environment.

What makes New Quester so ideally suited to long haul operations?

New Quester has been designed to capture essential needs. It comes with double bunk high roof cab – our most spacious ever.

An air suspended comfortable seat provides lumbar support with arm rest, while the cab itself is also air suspended so that the driver doesn’t feel the direct impact of road conditions.

A huge advantage for long haul is the gear shifting ease of ESCOT. Automated gear shifting means being in the right gear at all times. This has a massive impact on fuel efficiency over long distances and can be a major contributor to greater profitability. For braking performance, New Quester offers the exhaust brakes, UD Extra Engine Brake and also the hydraulic retarder as an option for more severe downhill operations. ESCOT with its sensor will automatically down shift to effectively use the engine brake.

Which UD services can be of particular value to long haul customers?

Since the truck can go for long distances, proper back-up support is necessary. Our trained dealers are located on major routes and have proper competence to provide genuine standard services to minimize downtime. Mobile workshops are also available. The service intervals are optimized to reduce workshop visits and improve uptime.

UD Telematics, which comes with standard, will provide information to support fleet owners, such as location of the vehicle, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. Geofencing will also maximize trip time and to ensure drivers stay on the correct route. It is essential to give fleet owners the control to maximize their resources and carry proper loads. This allows them to create trust with their business partners and provides peace of mind.

Customer Success Story

  • Narongsak Sermsuk, CEO for Nanon a leading vehicle logistics company in Thailand

    "ESCOT is very suitable for our business and can support our drivers in many ways."