UD Engineers in their gemba

UD Engineers in their gemba
“To me, the UD Gemba Spirit guides my working methods. When a problem arises,
I prefer face-to-face communication rather than phone calls or emails, 
 so I can catch all the nuances
of the issue at hand. It also shapes the way we work at UD; we keep in close communication with our
colleagues, and combine 
our knowledge and experience to solve an issue most effectively.
I like this UD culture of sharing knowledge and experience. ”

Eriko Fuse
Technical support at UD Trucks Technology

UD Engineers in their gemba
“UD gemba spirits means continuously improving, being customer-driven,
understanding the challenges, problems and opportunities and
going the extra mile to support our customers.”

Sawitree Sodjit
Product Quality Engineer UD Trucks Thailand

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