Quon Undergoes Extreme Cold Weather Road Test in Hokkaido Japan


The extreme cold weather road test was held in Kitami city, Hokkaido, Japan, for 21 days from January 29th to February 19th, 2018. A cumulative total of 300 UD Trucks’ technicians tested six vehicles including, two new Quon all-wheel drive snow-plow trucks planned for release in March. The tests scenario was wide range of actual operational situations.

A truck must provide customers with reliable and durable operation whatever the climatic conditions. Conducting the annual test during the severe cold season in Kitami City, Hokkaido, where it is not unusual for the temperature to drop below minus 20 degrees, puts the truck through its paces in the customer’s actual operating environment and greatly contributes to all-round performance improvement.

Powertrain and braking efficiency in ice, slush and potholed surfaces, as well as engine starts, swerve control and the effect of ice build-up on the chassis, were tested in a wide range of road surface conditions using a 1,000 meter snow-covered runway. Road testing was also carried out on public roads in both urban areas and mountain passes, and in a long day the trucks would drive a distance of approximately 300 km.

While the temperature is low, Kitami experiences relatively little snowfall ensuring a natural testing environment. While the test started in Kitami city in 1985, UD Trucks has conducted test drive in cold climate since 1970’s when UD Trucks first made a considerable leap toward becoming a general commercial vehicles manufacturer through significant engine improvements and with the full-scale commercial launch of the medium-duty truck, CONDOR.

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