Attracting and retaining driving talent

Driver shortage has been an issue in the trucking industry for several years. Attracting and retaining driving talent is a tough task. New Quester features a spacious cab with a more pleasant and comfortable working environment. And with ESCOT onboard, a more efficient drive is the result. New Quester is a truck your drivers will be proud of.

Cab air suspension

With the introduction of cab air suspension, cab vibration is greatly reduced. This helps lessen driver fatigue and enables better productivity. A smoother ride is also much kinder to the goods being transported. 
*Available as option on selected models

New driver seat

New Quester features a new air suspended seat with lumbar support and optional armrest for improved driver comfort. A worthwhile investment in reducing lost time injuries and retaining drivers.

New driver training courses

Driver training from day one means that efficient driving and improved fuel economy don’t have to wait. Plus, drivers getting familiar with features and daily checks increases on-road safety.

Comfortable and efficient driving performance

ESCOT, the latest evolution in 12-speed automated manual transmission, and an interior designed for driver comfort, provide a sophisticated and comfortable driving experience that reduces driver stress and fatigue. With ESCOT always selecting the optimal gear, drivers can improve efficiency and productivity regardless of their skill level or experience.