UD Trucks – a profitable investment

At UD Trucks our customers’ success is at the centre of everything that we do. And with that comes a strong responsibility for your business’ profitability. This is why we’ve developed tools, services and – not the least, products –to make it as easy as possible to stay ahead of the game.We want to be your best business partner. Total cost ofownership (TCO) helps you to understand your overall operating cost. It is a calculation we undertake at UD Trucks to identify how much it costs to run your fleet and how to minimize it. Making sense of your TCO helps you to optimize every detail. All to make you and your business as efficient as possible.

Understanding your costs
In order to optimize the actual use of the trucks in your fleet, connectivity is one of the first things to study. UD Telematics Services provides you with data to help you understand the main factors influencing the TCO of your fleet; fuel consumption, driver performance and maintenance fees – so that areas for improvement can be easily identified. Ensuring your drivers reach their full potential through our training programs is an excellent way to make your operation more efficient as trained drivers better contribute to productivity and fuel efficiency.

Stay in control of your finances

At UD Trucks, we define TCO as the cost of owning and operating a truck. Cost of ownership includes: depreciation, interest, insurance, purchase price, residual value, tax, fuel consumption, driver cost, preventative maintenance and repairs.

Calculating your total cost of ownership
In order to stay in control of your costs, UD Trucks works with TCO calculations, specific for your truck or fleet. This is a standardized calculation that generates an understanding on how your trucks are used and helps identify potential problem areas. We then help you interpret the data to improve your TCO. Giving you maximum truck availability, improved fuel efficiency and greater productivity and profitability.

Factors that affect the total cost of ownership
The variable factors that affect the TCO are fuel consumption, driver performance and maintenance fees. And this is where we make a difference. Through impressive fuel efficiency and low maintenance needs, a UD truck delivers a low total cost of ownership. Adding smart logistics and fuel saving features such as ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT) or UD Telematics Services improve the results even further.

How can UD Trucks help improve your total cost of ownership?

At UD Trucks, we rely on our expertise to find the very best solutions to the many challenges our customers face. We supply a number of tools and services to help you optimize your total cost of ownership.

Increased profitability with UD Telematics Services
UD Telematics is a high-tech wireless communications system that helps manage your fleet towards greater productivity by keeping it on the road longer while reducing running costs. The UD Telematics mobile app makes 24/7 fleet management even more convenient.

Lower operating costs with ESCOT
ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT) and the GH11E engine are winning formulas for increased fuel efficiency. Automated gear shifting makes trucks equipped with ESCOT easier to drive and more fuel efficient even for new drivers.

Aerodynamic cab design
Our cabs are aerodynamically designed to minimize drag which results in increased fuel efficiency, lowering overall operating costs.

Durable components
They are tested to their limits in order to provide maximum durability. Strong and reliable Japanese quality components guarantee a long life of productive uptime as well as longer intervals between servicing.

Service planning
Detailed, free-of-charge service planning helps you reduce workshop visits, optimizes service intervals and lessens maintenance needs – for maximum uptime and increased profitability.

Driver training
Our training programs are designed to help build driver capability. A skilled driver uses less fuel, minimizes wear on the truck and is an investment in the overall longevity of your business.

Top-quality Genuine Parts
UD Genuine Parts are purpose -built for our trucks and are tailored specifically to each truck to supply you with maximum reliability, durability and long-life performance. They are rigorously tested to help you maintain performance and productivity.

Financial services
UD Financial Services understands the transport industry and your business better than any other financier. We offer you customized solutions, including finance, insurance and maintenance options, be it for a single unit or an entire fleet, new or used, throughout your business cycle.

Increased productivity
Our trucks are designed for maximized operational productivity. The powerful driveline, combined with a lighter tare weight makes it possible to transport more cargo over longer distances which in the end, boosts your bottom line.


Get the most out of your fleet

The calculation of total cost of ownership helps to maximize profitability and productivity. It’ll also help increase your overall profitability by highlighting areas of improvement. At UD Trucks, we are committed to provide you with a fulfilling ownership experience as well as a partnership that builds your business long-term, in the most efficient way possible.

The total cost of ownership calculation factors in a number of parameters:

  • Purchase price
  • Depreciation
  • Residual value
  • Depreciation costs
  • Fuel price per litre
  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver cost
  • Maintenance
  • Residual value
  • Interest (%)Interest per year
  • insurance
  • Annual registration
  • Annual registration
  • Tracking
  • Administration cost
  • Tyre cost
  • Annual mileage

Making the most out of their fleet in Australia

A UD customer runs refrigerated wares along the east coast of Australia. The customer's fleet comprises of 60 trucks and 150 trailers. The company employs 80 drivers. Business was good, but there was definite room for improvement.

After running the operation’s numbers and data through the total cost of ownership calculator, a number of improvement factors were easily identified:
UD Trucks could advise the customer regarding the residual value of a part of the fleet that was 5 years old and that had run approximately one million kilometres. The value estimation needed to be assessed further.
Additionally, the overview of the overall fuel consumption showed that a mere 10% improvement could save the business as much as USD 20,000. The general advice  therefore would be to invest in driver training to increase  the fuel efficiency.
The calculation also underlined the fact that the business’ fixed costs were constant, that the downtime was overly expensive in terms of loss of income. This made it evident that lowering the mileage did in no way lower the overall costs or the cost per kilometre.
The total cost of ownership calculations helped the Australian customer to identify a number of issues that could quite easily be amended and that, in the end, led to an increase in both efficiency and income. It also strengthened the customer’s understanding regarding what to look for when investing  in new additions to the fleet, how to correctly plan out the operations to achieve the very best business advantage.