General cargo today

Why UD Trucks for general cargo?

Going the distance

Successful distribution means handling tough requirements on a daily basis. Getting the best out of every truck in your fleet is key. With UD trucks, heavier loads can now be carried on vehicles with more cab space. A win-win for any forward-looking business.

New Quester

Smart, comfortable and more fuel efficient than ever. New Quester is an excellent fit for distribution. ESCOT automated manual transmission means all drivers save fuel, while optimized tare weight means more can be carried. The result is a more productive working day on the move.


The Croner has a wide range of choices to keep every distribution business on schedule. Multi-purpose models are available for city, inter-city and long-haul distribution. Air suspension and automatic transmission combine to offer extremely safe and stable transportation of sensitive goods.

Better payload and productivity than ever

When combined with a powerful driveline, lighter tare weight offers the possibility to transport more cargo on longer distances. New Quester is almost half a tonne lighter, while the Croner also offers much higher payload. It goes without saying that being able to carry heavier loads means getting more profitability out of your trucks on every journey.

Extended clutch lifespan

With ESCOT or optional Allison automatic transmission onboard, New Quester’s clutch lifespan is much longer than manual clutches due to lack of wear. Croner models also feature automatic transmission, meaning lower maintenance costs and longer service intervals.

Improved fuel efficiency for all-haul

No matter how far the distance and regardless of what’s on board, drivers can achieve greater fuel efficiency in combination with automatic transmission in all Croner models. Employing this regularly helps to boost long-term bottom line.


ESCOT: The perfect match for distribution

Building on Quester’s excellent fuel economy, New Quester introduces ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT). Together with the GH11E engine, automated gear shifting makes New Quester easier to drive and more fuel efficient, even for new drivers. Keeping focus on the road, and helping you make the break towards lower operating costs.

Greater comfort, more efficiency

Both Croner and New Quester cabs offer plenty of space for drivers to get to work in. New Quester’s Spacious cab is the largest ever built by UD Trucks. An impressively spacious, walk-through cab is equipped with one bed for long distance assignments.

Take the fastest route to profitability

UD Telematics Services help improve profitability by maximizing vehicle uptime and fuel efficiency, while reducing unplanned stops and operational costs. Geofencing allows you to set the fastest, most direct routes for your trucks via our easy-to-use mobile app.

Smoother driving on air

Journey comfort is maximised by air suspension and automatic transmission. This combination is only available on the Croner. Many drivers have commented on the positive difference made when driving with these. Less effort is required, improving the driver experience and increasing safety.

Safer driving with auxiliary braking system

No matter what your trucks are transporting, it’s crucial that journeys are safe and goods arrive intact. Croner and New Quester both feature ABS and EBD, ensuring the right traction and stability on every assignment. New Quester has auxiliary braking and hydraulic retarder for safe speeds and minimized brake wear.

Super-safe for sensitive transports

Drivers transporting loads in trucks with air suspension report feeling a noticeable difference when carrying loads of a sensitive nature. The reality is that poor suspension can damage fragile cargo. That’s why the Croner offers superior rear air suspension in all models.


Quester and Croner models suitable for General Cargo

Croner LKE

Axle Configuration





GVW 14.5Ton


6-speed MT





Braking System

Full air brake system; Automatic slack adjuster; ABS; Spring-based parking brakes; Exhaust brake system

Emission Control System (ECS)

Euro 3


General Cargo; Tipper; Curtain sider; Tanker

Delivering the perfect partnership

Working with any kind of distribution requires the best support network possible. UD Extra Mile Support keeps your trucks working for you. 

A high-tech wireless communications system designed to help you manage your fleet effectively, keeping wheels turning while reducing operational costs. Geofencing allows you to set the most efficient routes for maximum profitability.

UD Telematics

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Two levels of service care are available: UD Trust Standard and UD Trust Ultimate. With these two levels, full transparency, no surprises with unplanned repair expenses and less administration are guaranteed.

UD Trust  

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A fast and efficient UD Support team provide repair services at your convenience to get you back on road as fast as possible. Anytime.

UD Road Support

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UD Genuine Service

UD Driver Training

UD Genuine Parts

Expert Story

Masami Oozono, product strategy and management at UD Trucks, talks about what makes the Croner ideal for the general cargo segment.

“Tough working conditions call for an easy and comfortable truck.”

How do you define general cargo?

“We define general cargo as goods that can be carried by a delivery van. This is mainly daily commodity foods and electrical appliances – necessary things for people’s lives to function on a daily basis. Items such as food and electric appliances need to be handled carefully in transit.”

Which goods and services are UD Trucks focusing on in the segment?

The recently growing e-commerce market is important. This can be small items that must be delivered to many different destinations within a limited timeslot.

The driver’s job is to deliver goods not only from A to B but also from A to 100 different destinations. These tough working conditions mean that operating an easy and comfortable truck becomes more important. Those drivers need their cab to function like an office, to be able to take care of their paperwork.

Which elements make the Croner essential for general cargo transportation?

ATM and air suspension are very important when transporting sensitive goods. ATM is particularly essential for city delivery vans. The larger cab space and fulfilling equipment supports drivers working environment.

What new benefits does the new Croner 6×2 offer to customers in the segment?

Productivity is key. The combination of an MDT base light chassis, simple air suspension creates a lightweight solution on which more weight and volume can be carried.

Expert Story

Toshi Odawara, Vice President, UD Trucks Quester Product Line talks about New Quester’s evolution as a distribution truck.

"Providing smart, efficient goods transport, New Quester is a versatile and profitable truck."

What kind of demands or current trends within general cargo are most important to customers?

Distributing various goods to core cities, logistics hub warehouses and retail networks is a foundation of a stable supply chain to our society and various industries. Fleet owners face the challenge of making sure the truck load is optimized and can make multiple trips as much as possible.

They must also manage their schedule according to delivery needs and of course make sure trucks are well maintained to keep on working. It is a tough working environment for drivers. They have a task to focus on time delivery, making sure the goods are not damaged, focusing on safety and fuel efficient driving.

Which qualities does New Quester bring to the general cargo segment?
First of all, we have to consider more payload efficiency on New Quester, bringing lighter weight chassis and driveline without compromising the durability, to make sure New Quester can carry more. Another point is to make the truck easy and safe to drive for all drivers.  

We have added ESCOT Automated Manual Transmission and full automatic transmission Allison as an option for all models. Depending on customer operation, we have a good driveline to support, especially when fleet owners face various kinds of driver characteristics.

With automatic gear boxes, any driver can perform great. There is no need for extensive training. Imagine how many shifts a driver using a manual gearbox needs to do in an average day. AMT will reduce this stress, so that more focus can be on other important tasks.

Is it easy to underestimate the importance of driver comfort to successful operations?
Driver comfort is key to greater productivity. Drivers need the space to live and work for long spells on the road, regardless of the distances they cover.In this case, cabs are a second home. Fleet owners now are more conscious of having to focus on providing a comfortable working environment for their drivers. It gets results.With powerful driveline, reliability and durability as its base, New Quester then features real heavy duty cab with both high roof and standard roof, ESCOT fuel efficiency and optimized lower tare weight. These qualities add up to make it a versatile and profitable truck for any purpose. The aim is to create a truck that can be profitable for all drivers.

Which UD services with New Quester can be of particular value to distribution businesses?
UD Telematics which comes as standard will provide information to support fleet owners such as location of the vehicle, fuel consumption and driver behaviour.  Geofencing will also maximize trip time and ensure the drivers are on the correct route. It is essential to support fleet owners in maximizing trip time and carrying proper loads, so that they can create trust with their business partners, providing peace of mind.