An 8-liter engine that is 300kg lighter, enabling increased payloads

Light-weight, compact and powerful “GH8 engine”

With downsized engine achieving light-weight and compact, and simpler structure maintaining high reliability, it generates powerful torque in the whole area. It both achieves light-weight as well as high payload and powerful drives. It complies with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations and all high payload models achieve +5% over the fuel efficiency standards.

Improved payload of more than 500 kg*

Two types of body, standard and high payload are available for Perfect Quon dry wings. The high payload model, with a lighter chassis, has its payload increased by approximately 500-700 kg.

1. CD 6×2 Standard model 14,600 kg/High payload model 14,800 kg
2. CG 8×4 Standard model 14,500 kg/High payload model 14,700 kg

*Comparison to UD GH11 engine mounted truck

Tipper: A payload of 10 tons for the standard model

A payload of 10 tons is now possible with the standard model. For the high payload model, a telescopic cylinder type rear-dump is now available.

The payload for the standard model is more than 9.8 tons.

Moreover, for the high payload model, a payload of over 10 tons is ensured. A simple structure of a telescopic cylinder type rear-dump can be chosen.

CW 6×4 Standard model 9,800-10,000 kg/

High payload model 10,400 kg

Mixer: Drums available of 4.4 ㎥ and 4.5 ㎥ capacity

For the mixer truck, two types of mixer drum can be chosen. The standard type drum capacity is 4.4 ㎥, the highest capacity in the class of 4.5 ㎥ is also available.