General cargo today

Why UD Trucks for general cargo?

Going the distance

Successful distribution means handling tough requirements on a daily basis. Getting the best out of every truck in your fleet is key. With UD trucks, heavier loads can now be carried on vehicles with more cab space. A win-win for any forward-looking business.

Better payload than ever

The Croner 6×2 represents a first for UD Trucks. This new configuration offers much greater payload possibilities than previously. It goes without saying that being able to carry heavier loads means getting more out of your truck on every journey.

Give your deliveries a lift

Both the Croner 6×2 and the Quester 6×2 have a liftable tag axle. A simple manoeuvre helps to improve fuel economy and lessens tyre-wear. Good news for your profitability.

A longer life for hard-working trucks

Several features are designed to prolong the working life of UD trucks. Lifting the axle on return journeys increases the service life of your vehicle, as tyres and brake lining

Greater stability = more secure loads

Automatic height adjustment for air bellows increases stability when driving with heavier loads. An easy-to-use function results in more transports arriving intact at their destination.

Easy loading and unloading

An air suspension dump switch is fitted on the Croner 6×2. This lowers chassis height, which improves safety and allows for easier loading and unloading of any type or weight of cargo.

Driver focus where it should be

Automatic transmission is ideal for distribution assignments. Drivers don’t have to think about gear shifting, allowing focus to be on the road ahead and the job in hand. Built with endurance in mind, the gearbox in these trucks has a robust twin-countershaft design, which ensures that it is more reliable than typical medium-duty trucks.

Kick back with cruise control

Longer runs present the opportunity to relax behind the wheel. Letting cruise control do the work results in a more alert driver and a safer traffic environment for all concerned.

Super-safe for sensitive transports

Drivers transporting loads in trucks with air suspension report feeling a noticeable difference when carrying loads of a sensitive nature. The reality is that poor suspension can damage fragile cargo. That’s why the Croner offers superior rear air suspension in all models.

Greater fuel efficiency for all-haul

No matter how far the journey and regardless of what’s on board, drivers can achieve greater fuel efficiency by using cruise control in combination with automatic transmission in all Croner models. Employing this regularly helps to boost long-term bottom line.

Count the difference

The Quester GWE tractor combines efficient driving with superior torque, delivering lower fuel consumption in the process. Businesses have remarked on how much more cost-effective this truck is compared to other diesel variants.

Smoother driving on air

Journey comfort is maximised by air suspension and automatic transmission. This combination is only available on the Croner. Many drivers have commented on the positive difference made when driving with these. Less effort is required, improving the driver experience and increasing safety.

Controlled braking

No matter what your trucks are transporting, it’s important that journeys are safe and goods arrive intact. The Croner and Quester both feature ABS and EBD, ensuring the right traction and stability on every assignment.

Quester and Croner models suitable for General Cargo

Delivering the perfect partnership

Working with any kind of distribution requires the best support network possible. UD Extra Mile Support keeps your trucks working for you. Every hour, day or night.

A high-tech wireless communications system designed to help you manage your fleet effectively, keeping wheels turning while reducing operational costs.

UD Telematics Services

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Three levels of service care are available: UD Trust Standard, UD Trust Extra and UD Trust Ultimate. With these three levels, full transparency, no surprises with unplanned repair expenses and less administration are guaranteed.

UD Trust

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A fast and efficient UD Road Support team provide repair services at your convenience to get you back on the road as fast as possible. Anytime.

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Expert Story

Masami Ozono, product strategy and management at UD Trucks, talks about what makes the Croner ideal for the general cargo segment.

“Tough working conditions call for an easy and comfortable truck.”

How do you define general cargo?

“We define general cargo as goods that can be carried by a delivery van. This is mainly daily commodity foods and electrical appliances – necessary things for people’s lives to function on a daily basis. Items such as food and electric appliances need to be handled carefully in transit.”

Which goods and services are UD Trucks focusing on in the segment?

“The recently growing e-commerce market is important. This can be small items that must be delivered to many different destinations within a limited timeslot.

The driver’s job is to deliver goods not only from A to B but also from A to 100 different destinations. These tough working conditions mean that operating an easy and comfortable truck becomes more important. Those drivers need their cab to function like an office, to be able to take care of their paperwork.”

Which elements make the Croner essential for general cargo transportation?

“ATM and air suspension are very important when transporting sensitive goods. ATM is particularly essential for city delivery vans. The larger cab space and fulfilling equipment supports drivers working environment".

What new benefits does the new Croner 6×2 offer to customers in the segment?

“Productivity is key. The combination of an MDT base light chassis, simple air suspension and tag axle creates a lightweight solution on which more weight and volume can be carried.”