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19 October 2015 | Print

UD Trucks releases the 44th Tokyo Motor Show trailer, introducing further vision for “Smart Logistics” together with two world premieres at the show

UD Trucks Corp. (Ageo, Saitama; President, Yoshihiro Murakami) announced the launch of the 44th Tokyo Motor Show trailer that showcases its efforts on “Going the Extra Mile for Smart Logistics.”

In the trailer, 80 years of UD Truck history is revisited from the vision of Kenzo Adachi, our founder, to “Smart Logistics” that paraphrases his vision what the world needs today. The “Smart Logistics” is summarized into (1) “Smart Fuel Efficiency”, (2) “Smart Drivability & Safety”, and (3) “Smart Uptime & Productivity”. It concludes with our further vision aiming for the future.

The trailer, viewable on the official UD Trucks Tokyo Motor Show 2015 website.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, UD Trucks are also ready to:
  • Introduce our further vision for “Smart Logistics”
  • Reveal our vision for the future of Quon
  • Demonstrate our vision for a zero-emission truck with an innovative driveline

For the 44th Tokyo Motor Show trailer and more details, please visit the UD Trucks Tokyo Motor Show 2015 website (http://www.udtrucks.com/en-int/home). We look forward to showcasing UD Trucks’ latest developments through the realization of "smart logistics," while continuously adapting to changing times and making the trucks the world needs today and in the future.

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