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UD Trucks Introduces Full Automatic Transmission on Popular UD90 Model

29 May 2014 | Print

UD Trucks Southern Africa has announced the introduction of a new UD90 ATM model to its already comprehensive product line-up.  This heavy commercial freight carrier now boasts a fully automatic Allison transmission that is set to provide fleet owners with a more powerful, efficient and productive performance.

As the country’s leading HCV manufacturer for the past number of years, UD Trucks grew sales of their UD90 to 100 units by 66.07% month-on-month during April 2014.  With its proven flexibility and superb durability, the UD Trucks HCV range is ideally suited to meet the needs of the transport sector.

Jacques Carelse, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa, believes this new model offers fleet owners a smart and modern transport solution.

“The new model provides customers with modern transmission technology, smoother operation and longer service intervals,” said Carelse.  “To us, it is another way in which we are aiming to introduce innovative ways in which we can go the extra mile for our customers.”

UD Trucks are using a 2500 TC221 P&D Allison transmission in the range, and it is incorporated into the UD90 at its assembly plant in Rosslyn.  Allison is one of the world’s premier providers of automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles and is renowned for its quality and reliability.

“The main benefits of using a torque converter gearbox include improved performance and more efficient fuel consumption.  Ultimately, its means more savings for our UD fleet owners,” said Carelse. 

Efficient acceleration is achieved by the torque converter that utilises full power shifts and subsequently less fuel.  Optimal cruising is also achieved by means of the the lock-up clutch and advanced electronic controls, which optimises the powertrain and fuel consumption.  Better engine braking again is also achieved through the torque converter and pre-select function, reducing brake wear and fuel consumption.

Advanced Electronics also adds to the overall savings of the drive cycle.  This includes Reduced Engine Load at Stop or RELS and Auto-Neutral that minimises the truck’s fuel usage during idling.  Load-Based Shift Scheduling or LBSS automatically selects the optimum shift schedules based on the vehicle’s actual payload and the road grade on which it is operating.

UD Trucks’ HCV range provides transport solutions for nominal payloads from 6 to approximately 11 tons. Their optimised wheelbases make them ideal for a range of applications; which include freight carriers that can be fitted with virtually any rear body, a dedicated tipper as well as conversions to truck tractors. Tag axle options allow for operation as a 6x2 with additional payload capability.

“With its proven flexibility and superb durability, the UD Trucks Heavy Commercial Vehicle range is ideally suited to meet customers in this market segment’s exacting requirements, said Carelse.  

He added that the UD Trucks management team is extremely excited about the future of the brand in this country

“As one of the country’s leading truck manufacturers for the past 50 years, the company is currently planning the introduction of game-changing new products and services to customers,” explained Carelse. 

“The future plans of UD Trucks are all about enhancing our customers’ transport and service experience with us, and we believe the introduction of the UD 90 ATM is one of the ways in which we are providing customers with appropriate technology at the right time.”
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