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Quon – Eternal flow of time

The word Quon literally means the eternal flow of time in Japanese. Our “eternal flow of time” refers to our evolutionary growth from the past to the future together with our customers. We believe that this will allow us to provide you with the ultimate level of reliability with our products and services, allowing us to run the extra mile together.

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Condor – A maximum medium duty truck

Condor has a high power engine which works well on streets and traffic with stop and go, in addition to excellent fuel-efficiency that contribute to reduction of transportation cost. If your need is a working truck in the streets, Condor is your reliable business partner with safety and environment-friendliness as well.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

UD Trucks goes the Extra Mile for Smart Logistics with Two World Premiere Trucks at Tokyo Motor Show 2015

UD Trucks Corp. (Ageo, Saitama; President, Yoshihiro Murakami) introduced the future of the truck industry with two world Premiere trucks: the Quon Vision, the symbol for the future of “Smart Logistics” and the UD Electric Demonstrator, a fully electric zero emissions medium-duty truck.

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