UD Trucks Croner

Built to be safe and secure in the race against time

UD Trucks leaves nothing to chance and that includes safety. Croner’s active and passive safety features protect your company’s precious resources – the people, the fleet, and the customer’s cargo – as well as the surrounding traffic.

Stable handling platform

Croner is designed with excellent handling and stability that is further improved with an optional front anti-roll bar. For trucks with a high superstructure, such as mixers, this additional stability is a key safety feature.

Superior braking performance

S-cam air brakes with automatic slack adjustment provide effective stopping power, anti-lock brake system with electronic brakeforce distribution are standard with rear leaf suspension and optional with air leaf suspension. This system makes Croner future-proof, as ABS will be a legal safety requirement in many markets in the near future.

UD Trucks Croner

Clear illumination for all situations

Superior visibility with standard headlamps featuring optional height adjustment, optional fog lights and optional daytime running lights.

UD Trucks Croner chassis

Strong and durable steel frame

Croner’s steel frame provides strength and safety, while the reinforced cabin has been developed under strict deflection, crash and durability targets, and is designed to meet Japanese safety requirements of a flat barrier impact at 40km/h.

UD Trucks Croner


Daytime running lamps are an option for Croner. They increase the visibility of the vehicle for the benefit of other road users.