The Quon is powered by the highly fuel efficient GH13 engine, in 362HP, 402HP and 443HP variations to suit each particular application and market requirement. the high power and torque performance, combined with a flat curve at peak output, delivered by the GH133 engine reduces the amount of shifting required with gears. 

Extra Engine Break (EEB) is available as an option which can automatically shift down through gears for more effective engine braking, resulting in easier driving such as long haul downhill highways. the GH13 engine is designed to deliver smooth driving situation, such as hilly roads, long haul intercity journeys or any type of rough roads. 

Oil and fuel filters have been designed to be located around the bottom of the engine, all close together for easier maintenance. 
The filter capacity has been increased for longer intervals between maintenance and servicing. 

The entire power train has been designed to be more environmentally-friendly and improve fuel efficiency, at levels that clearly exceed that required of Euro3 regulations.

unit injector_380x233

Unit injector

The ultra-high pressure fuel injection system, designed around the unit injector shown on the left, operates at more than 2,000 bar and delivers a flexible injection waveform to maximize combustion efficiency while reducing PM emissions. This new system helps to reduce exhaust resistance and improve fuel efficiency. The design features of the GH13 engine deliver the appropriate amount of power for any application with ultra-low fuel consumption.

ESCOT-Ⅴ transmission_380x250


Our class-leading ESCOT-Ⅴ has easier driving and lower fuel consumption. It quickly and automatically chooses the right gear at all times, shifting skill not even the best driver can match. it also communicates with the engine, which in turn adjust revs and engine brake for fast and comfortable gear changing. And above all, it helps reduce fuel consumption and ownership costs.