Refuel less, run further.

The new Quon Tractor leads the way in efficient performance for heavy vehicles.
Largely thanks to our class-leading 12-speed ESCOT-V, now improved with new extended Eco mode and fine-tuned for even more optimised shift timing. Together with our renowned and further developed GH11 engine, you can count on a new level of driveability and fuel-savings more compared to the previous Quon model. Also we have many tractors which achieved 5 % of fuel efficiency based value (2015) to lineup, and we will contribute to further reduce fuel consumption. For even more power and performance, opt for the GH13 engine with manual transmission.
*All vehicle achieved fuel efficiency based value for heavy duty trucks in 2015


Easy driving that leads to better fuel efficiency

No clutch, automatic smooth gear changing and advanced auto cruise function. The ESCOT-V not only improves driver performance by reducing the load and stress on the driver. New features such as Economy ED mode with Acceleration Limiter, and Soft Cruise with optimised shift timing, enhance driving comfort and contribute to impressive average fuel economy.

GH11 Engine

Increased low-rev torque

The GH11 engine is further improved to provide increased torque under 1000 rpm, resulting in enhanced driveability and better fuel-efficiency.

Optimised performance enhance fuel-efficiency

The GH11 engine is known for combining good torque over a wide rev range with impressive fuel-efficiency. Now we have taken it a step further, fine-tuned and developed a number of components. What you experience is enhanced low-rev torque combined with reduced fuel consumption. And not least, a responsive engine designed to deliver smooth driving in all conditions.
  • Fuel-efficient with good driveability
  • Enhanced low-rev torque with quick response
  • Maximum torque over a wide rev range 
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharging (VGT) with light and high performance

Gearbox Escot

ESCOT–V – reduce fuel consumption

Our class-leading ESCOT-V is fine-tuned for even easier driving and lower fuel consumption. It quickly and automatically chooses the right gear at all times, a shifting skill not even the best driver can match. It also communicates with the engine, which in turn adjusts revs and engine brake for fast and comfortable gear changing. And above all, it helps reduce fuel consumption compared to the previous Quon model, which in turn reduces ownership cost

Save more with Acceleration Limiter

The ESCOT-V is optimised to combine easy driving with superior fuel economy. The new Acceleration Limiter in the Economy ED mode is a perfect example on how it’s achieved. It automatically softens acceleration to certain level to improve fuel efficiency.

Save fuel with Soft Cruise control

Engage the Economy ED mode when driving the ESCOT-V in auto cruise and you can enjoy both enhanced driver comfort and improved fuel-efficiency. Shift timing and acceleration in hill climbing are optimised for economy driving.

Active safety

UD Trucks strives to prevent accidents from occurring and to ensure that cargo is delivered safely. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is installed as standard on all models, which helps shorten the braking distance, improve the braking feel, and extend tire life. The ABS itself is computerized to help control the braking force and prevent the wheels locking up, even under heavy braking on slippery roads in the rain, mud or snow. This means the driver can control the truck to avoid accidents, even if they have to brake suddenly in an emergency. Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) is available as an optional extra for truck tractors and full trailers. ASR features a computer for optimum control of driving force to suit the road conditions to prevent the drive wheels from slipping. Naturally this gives the truck greater manoeuvrability.

Nenpioh is your fuel-saving co-pilot

The Nenpioh is a guidance system that gives the driver real-time advice on how to drive more efficiently. With both discreet visual and audio cues, it helps the driver to operate in the engines optimum rev range, improving fuel consumption

Enhance efficiency with Driver Training

With UD Trucks Driver Training you can reduce fuel cost, increase productivity and improve safety. Our expert trainers can teach even your most experienced drivers how to fine-tune their driving style to drive more efficiently.

Save fuel down hill and while coasting(ESCOT Roll)

Engage the Economy E•D mode when driving the ESCOT-V in auto cruise and you can enjoy both enhanced driver comfort and improved fuel-efficiency. Shift timing and acceleration in hill climbing are optimised for economy driving.