Reliable, manoeuvrable and economical – these are the essential characteristics of Quester for short-haul and distribution.

Advantages for distribution:
• Wide product offer designed for ease of superstructure installation
• Ease of maintainability with low maintenance cost for driveline and chassis
• Ergonomic and functional workplace
• Easy entry and exit
• Available as 4×2T/R, 6×2T/R and 6×4T/R

Fit for your business

cab suspension_380x250

Wide range of chassis

Quester’s secret lies in its versatility. With Quester, UD Trucks offers truck owners and bodybuilders a customized vehicle for any transport requirement.

Quester side_380x250

Easy body work

Quester is designed for ease of superstructure installation made easier with comprehensive bodybuilder instructions and drawings. The parallel side members, designed bodybuilder mounts and a range of power take-offs adds to the ease of installation

tailor made cab interior_380x250

Tailor-made cab interior

Adapt the driver’s working environment to your business. Choice of standard or high roof cab, additional passenger seat, air suspended driver’s seat and many other options all contribute to increased efficiency.

Maximum uptime

cab uptime_380x250

Easy daily maintenance

Engine service points are located behind the grill for ease of service. Here it is possible to check the clutch fluid, washer reservoir and air conditioning filter. The oil dipstick is conveniently located at the back of the cab.

ud genuine service_380x250

UD genuine service

Performed by UD Trucks dealers with access to the most up-to-date UD Trucks tools, UD diagnostic equipment and the product quality of UD Genuine Parts.

ud genuine parts_380x250

UD genuine parts

UD Genuine Parts meet UD Trucks vehicle specifications, fit perfectly and deliver high reliability and durability to provide longer service life and improved uptime.

Fuel-efficient driving

fuel smart technology_380x250

Fuel coaching system

Quester comes with a real-time Fuel Coach. The display shows the driver when to shift, brake or accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range, the so called sweet spot The system is simple to understand and easy to use.

fuel efficiency training 2_380x250

Fuel-efficiency training

UD Trucks’ fuel-efficiency training is an additional service. Our courses in economical driving also teach you how to use the truck’s Fuel Coaching System to get the most out of the engine for smarter, more cost efficient driving.


Proven engine performance

UD Trucks is part of one of the world’s largest producers of heavy diesel engines. That means our powertrains have components with thorough real-life testing behind them.