Sustainability. The struggle is real.

Investing in a more fuel-efficient truck these days is a no-brainer. With international laws demanding ever-tighter controls on freight transport, and city authorities looking at ways of cutting diesel emissions, sustainability has to be a top priority for any forward-thinking business. Enter the Kuzer.

Breathe more easily than the competition

With optimized engine for better fuel efficiency, you’re dealing with a light medium duty truck that is the envy of its competitors. As the transport market in Indonesia moves steadily towards sustainability, taking a positive step for the future of your business – and the planet – makes total sense.


Fuel-friendly features

The Kuzer packs a load of innovative fuel-efficient functions into a stylish format. An aerodynamically designed cab facilitates lower fuel consumption, while a smart instrument cluster allows you to hone your driving skills to benefit your pocket. Simple sums that add up to a tidy profit.

Get ready for the win

The new 5-liter engine, powered by UD Trucks’ advanced technology, combine reliability with top-class performance. Delivering high torque from low rev with flat torque curves, this modern engine provides:
• Better pulling power and easier driving.
• Improved fuel efficiency.
• Extended maintenance intervals.
• Longer life of the engine.