UD Trucks All New Condor

UD Trucks All New Condor engine

The highly efficient engine contributes to a reduction in transportation costs

The engine realizes high efficiency even though it is light and compact.
It realizes high environmental and loading performance and fuel efficiency, and significantly contributes to a reduction in transportation costs.

GVW 8-ton to 14.5-ton class trucks achieved a 10% improvement over the 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles in Japan.

Eco Stop is excellent in economic efficiency and environmental standards.

* Option for refrigerated vehicles and fire engines, it is not available for concrete mixer trucks.

When the vehicle has stopped (for example while waiting at a traffic light), the engine stops and restarts automatically. It contributes to the suppression of wasteful fuel consumption and a reduction of exhaust emissions. Also during Eco stop, the cold storage evaporator built in the air conditioning unit cools the air blown from the air conditioner to suppress a rise in the blow-off temperature.

The ECONO mode realizes fuel-saving driving

*210Hp (154kW), 240Hp (177kW) MT vehicles

It eliminates the generation of wasteful energy by automatically restraining excessive rotation speed while accelerating. It also contributes to fuel-saving by controlling the injection quantity automatically to suppress excessive acceleration.

A 2-stage turbo which is highly efficient in the whole rotation range

* 240HP (177kW) vehicles

High efficiency is achieved in the whole revolution range by optimally controlling 2 types of turbos (high pressure and low pressure). It realizes high EGR without sacrificing the combustion efficiency, and reduces NOx. It also improves the response at low rotation speeds.