UD Trucks All New Condor

Provides comfortable drivability for all drivers

AMT (automated manual transmission) enables shift transmission just by the operation of the gear shift. Its smooth gear shifting is unique to the sequential shift, and the “ECONO mode” which performs fuel-saving automatic gear shifting, provides comfortable operability and fuel-saving for all drivers.

UD Trucks All New Condor AMT

A transmission mechanism that has excellent reliability and durability

Realize excellent fuel-saving performance

Powerful running and excellent fuel consumption were realized by efficiently transmitting power by lock-up control and others features.

UD Trucks All New Condor

No adjustment / exchange of clutch is required

It reduces running costs, and additionally contributes to the reduction of storage time and improves the operation rate.

❶ Fluid coupling
❷ Lockup clutch
❸ Hydraulic control unit
❹ Wet multiple disc clutch
❺ Transmission
❻ Electromagnetic solenoid gear shifter unit

UD Trucks All New Condor ECONO

ECONO MODE performs fuel-saving automatic gear shifting

In the ECONO mode (fuel-saving automatic gear shifting mode) the computer performs automatic gear shifting for fuel-saving, depending on the style of driving. When the ECO switch on the upper part of gear shift console is pressed, the control program changes.

Excellent characteristics support untroubled and comfortable running

  • No operation of the clutch is required
  • Dependable engine braking on downward slopes
  • Flexible gear shifting (manual⇔automatic) depending on the situation
  • Using creep enables traveling at a crawling speed.

UD Trucks All New Condor 1st gear

1st gear start mode for generating more power

Starting in the 1st gear can be done by switching the gear shift (normally the vehicle starts in 2nd gear). This enables more power for when starting on a slope when loaded etc.

We developed a six speed manual transmission simultaneously

MT with a clutch pedal which provides high reliability and durability is also available.