UD Trucks All New Condor

Adopt advanced safety technology and support daily safe driving.

By mixing advanced safety systems such as the Pre-crash Brake, the Lane Departure Warning System, and the Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning, we improve safety and contribute to a reduction in driver fatigue and enable daily safe driving.


Active Safety - Predicts hazards and supports the driver

  • Pre-crash Brake
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • ABS [Antilock brake system]
  • EBS [Electronic Brake System]
  • HSA [Hill Start Aid]

Motion diagram of pre-crash brake
1. Detection with the camera 2. Detection with the millimeter-wave radar 3. Dual detection with the millimeter-wave radar + camera

Pre-crash brake [collision avoidance support / collision damage reduction]

While driving, the millimeter-wave radar and the camera detect and analyse the front of the vehicle at all times. Depending on the distance of the vehicle ahead, the alarm (system) and brake control will work automatically.

When the possibility of a collision with the vehicle ahead slowly increases, in addition to the alarm, full-braking is applied at an early stage to prevent a collision. If the collision cannot be avoided, the brake is automatically applied to reduce the collision speed and damage.

Standard equipment for GVW 8-ton <210 ps, 240 ps> / 11-ton vehicles, Option for GVW 7.5-ton / GVW 8-ton <190 ps> / 14.5-ton vehicles.


Lane Departure Warning System [LDWS] (option)

The camera detects white lines on both sides of the traffic lane, and when the vehicle is likely to deviate from the traffic lane, an alarm sounds from the right and left speakers, and a warning is displayed on the multi-display to alert the driver.

* It operates when the vehicle speed is traveling at 60 km/h or more. Not available for 4WD vehicles.

1. Multi-display   2. Photo of the driver's seat   3. Alarm sounds goes off

Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning

It detects the distance from the vehicle ahead, and when the vehicle encroaches beyond the margin of safety, the alarm sounds and a warning is displayed on the multi-display, alerting the driver to avoid the danger.

* Not available as a single option. When Pre-crash Brake is selected, it is standard equipment.

View Assist Technology [VAT]

A technology that supports the eyesight of the driver by making full use of the high accuracy millimeter-wave radar and various sensors.

○ Pre-crash Brake ○ Lane Departure Warning ○ Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning 
Available for all cargo trucks as well as a standard setting. 

* View Assist Technology [VAT] (Pre-crash Brake, Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning, Lane Departure Warning System [LDWS]) is a system to support the safe driving of the driver, and is not a system that can be used to enable exceeding the limits of the vehicle. Without overestimating this device, keep in mind safe driving.


Electronic Stability Control [ESC]

(Option for GVW 7.5-ton / GVW 8-ton (190 ps) vehicles)

The sensor detects the operational state by the driver and the behavior of the vehicle. An alarm is raised when it is judged as unstable condition which could cause skidding or a rollover. Also simultaneously it performs automatic control of the engine and brakes and contributes to accident prevention.

* [ESC] is a system to support safe driving by the driver, and not a system that can be used to enable exceeding the limits of the vehicle. Without overestimating this device, keep in mind safe driving.

1. In case of understeer 2. In case of oversteer 3. In case of rollover
A: vehicle with this system installed B: vehicle without this system installed

Passive safety - Minimize damage

  • Driver’s seat SRS airbag & seatbelt with pretensioner
  • Highly-rigid cab & reinforced waist
  • Impact absorbing steering shaft & wheel

Basic Safety - Support daily safe driving

  • Direct vision(Wide window)
  • Discharge headlamps & fog lamps
  • Cornering lamps & side turn lamps
  • Visibility on both sides(Wide side mirror)
  • Variable intermittent wipers
  • Immobilizer