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The UD Electric Demonstrator is a fully electric medium duty truck. It is emission-free and silent with a full-sized medium duty body that maximizes transport efficiency. UD Trucks constantly strive to research new possibilities so we can continue to support our customers in innovative ways. 


  • Vital component of the Volvo Group’s new full electric driveline, developed in-house based on many years of advanced engineering experience.
  • UD Electric Demonstrator has used the same technology structure and optimized this for a medium duty truck.

Zones where noise and speed are limited are becoming more and more common, as are zero-emissions. The UD Electric Demonstrator Truck can cross all zones and even go where conventional trucks can’t.

Silent Running
Because of its fully electric technology, the UD Electric Demonstrator Truck makes for extremely silent and comfortable experience for the driver.

Large Cargo Space
The UD Electric Demonstrator Truck is a fully functioning medium duty truck. This promises great flexibility and ability to carry large payloads as well as adapting to a huge range of uses.

Electrical Flow

1. Both batteries send power to the junction box
2. The junction box combines the power from both batteries and sends it to the electric motor driver
3. The electric motor driver controls the electricity and sends it to the electric motor
4. The electric motor sends the electricity to drive the wheels
5. The electric motor sends the electricity via the unique 2-speed AMT to drive the wheels

Braking regeneration
1. Brakes create a resistance to the electric motor
2. Resistance to electric motor begins to generate electricity
3. Regenerated electricity is distributed back to the two batteries
4. Batteries are charged with regenerated electricity

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