UD Trucks

Quon Vision

Going the extra mile for Smart Logistics


The Quon Vision is UD Trucks’ symbol for our future vision for smart logistics. It combines our Japanese heritage and global knowledge by providing our customers’ essentials of smart fuel efficiency, smart uptime and smart drivability.

Smart Fuel Efficiency
  • To create the smartest on-board driver coaching system available
  • To deliver an ultimately clean and efficient engine, and an even smarter ESCOT AMT
  • To make highly aerodynamic trucks that save fuel by adapting to the road ahead, using our Advanced Driver Assistance System

Smart Drivability & Safety
  • To deliver a Human AMT with best in class man-machine interface and higher torque engine for ultimate drivability
  • To create an ultimately safe truck with improved AEBS, LDWS and innovative driver support systems
  • To make every driver world-class through total drive support and comfort

Smart Uptime & Productivity
  • To constantly monitor every UD truck on the road through smart telematics and provide remote diagnostics and repair
  • To create the ultimate Uptime Center that proactively detects and fixes any potential faults before they cause downtime
  • To offer ultimate UD Road Support for immediate response to our customers whenever and wherever they need it
  • To excel in lifetime productivity by improved payload and UD extra mile support over the truck’s lifecycle

For more information on Quon Vision, read more on Smart Logistics here.

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