Quon CW dump

Escape function

Made for tough terrain

This breakthrough enhancement thanks to software engineering was inspired by dump truck drivers who deal with tough road conditions on a daily basis. When the truck gets stuck in a ditch on snowy or muddy ground, the driver can now simply press and release the accelerator pedal, and the vehicle will start to sway back and forth to get itself out of its sticky predicament. With ESCOT-Ⅵ, even a new driver is able to handle this type of situation as easily as an experienced driver with a manual gearbox.

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No ground too rough for All New Quon dump truck with ESCOT-Ⅵ

Operating in mountain areas, moving earth, sand and other materials for road construction is Araki Materials Transportation’s specialty. Their drivers operate on unpaved mountain roads every day. A brand new All New Quon equipped with ESCOT-Ⅵ transmission has just joined their fleet.