A passion for beauty and the driver

Toshio Shiratori, Product Design Director of UD Trucks, led the team who designed the striking exterior of All New Quon, and discusses here its stylish interior.

The newly styled cabin interior is an intrinsic part of the unmatched driving experience provided at the wheel of All New Quon. What were your objectives when you designed the interior of All New Quon?
The existing Quon interior was well liked and we wanted to retain what customers admired about it while improving it functionally and aesthetically. We aimed to go the extra mile on UD’s core value of “Excel on the essentials”, and truly reflect “Innovation that puts people first” – the very idea behind the creation of All New Quon. In the design we wanted to proudly emphasize our Japanese origins, and the traditional UD hexagon that consists of six aspects: smart, caring, tough, harmonized, supportive and distinctive. Even if they don’t jump out at you, you can notice these in the general design and in multiple details. We also concentrated on creating an open and easy feeling to the cabin. 

What are the highlights of the new interior?
The general shape of the dashboard and the shape of each detail, the way they interact with each other, have been designed to provide a feeling of harmony. We also reworked the materials, their texture, their colors and the contrasts to create a harmonious and high quality feeling. We think this interior displays a contrast of energy and harmony typical of Japan, and perfectly matches the striking exterior design of All New Quon.
In terms of functionality, one priority was to further improve the interface between the human and the machine. For example, we focused on every detail that might take the driver’s eye off the road, on simplifying and making everything easier to use. To reach our goal, improving ergonomics everywhere was key. The new simpler ESCOT lever is a good
example. The different switches are now regrouped close to the driver. There was a lot of work on the new UDIS display, in front of the driver’s eyes, and the steering wheel mounted commands. We wanted every detail to reflect quality, the accurate and precise feel you have when driving All New Quon. We arranged two multi-use pockets for the driver to put various small items and attach their smart phone to their favorite position. We also worked on the access, adding a new handle to make it easier for drivers to get in and out of the truck.

Diverse drivers, diverse harmonies

“It is fundamental that All New Quon interior appeals to the young and aged, male and female drivers, and is functional and natural to understand for experienced as well as inexperienced drivers,“ says Toshio Shiratori.

At the Tokyo Motor Show’s UD Trucks booth, visitors can discover the three interior prototypes below, for which the UD designers took the concept even further, creating  different interior harmonies for different kind of drivers to reflect the future diversity of drivers in the transportation industry.


Sophisticated, comfortable, innovative, bright and light, simple and modern.


Functional, mechanical, high quality, solid and heavy.


Active, individual, symbol of revolution,bold and distinctive.