UD Trucks Showcases “Gemba Spirit” through videos

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As part of the “UD Gemba Spirit” campaign, UD Trucks releases videos featuring mechanics, factory workers and technical support staff to showcase its “Gemba Spirit”, the professional, passionate and dependable spirit that drives UD Trucks to go the Extra Mile. Visit its official website (http://www.udtrucks.com/en-int/about-us/gemba-spirit) to learn about UD Trucks’ real Gemba stories and voices, where the action takes place and creates value - from the factory floor to dealerships to customer sites.


Shinichiro Fukuda, a mechanic at the Yokohama UD Customer Center, aims to gain new skills every day as to bring his performance to the next level. “As new products and services come out all the time, learning and acquiring knowledge about these on a daily basis is very important,” Fukuda shared in the video. Driven by the Gemba Spirit, Fukuda led a team aimed to win the UD Gemba Challenge 2016, the biannual mechanical skills competition for UD employees around the world, where Fukuda and his team won second place both in 2014 and 2016.

Another passionate character featured in the video is Somyot Ngonlee, who works as a Line leader at the UD Trucks Bangkok plant in Thailand which is the mother factory for Quester. Ngonlees, who has been in the truck industry for many years, values UD’s teamwork as his team supports each other with a concerted effort to achieve a common goal.  “To me, Gemba is the place where we learn the real job and skills. It is about going to the source of the problems to solve them correctly,” said Ngonlee in the video.

The Gemba Spirit has been there since the very beginning, when the company’s founder Kenzo Adachi took the wheel for a 3,000 kilometer test drive on the toughest roads of Japan to ensure it had ultimate dependability. The manufacturer of the heavy-duty trucks Quon and Quester, has a long proud heritage of leveraging first-hand information – go to the Gemba to see for yourself- to excel and to make a difference for its customers. UD Trucks continues to provide the trucks and services that the world needs today by going the Extra Mile with the UD Gemba Spirit.

As part of its efforts to demonstrate its heritage, UD Trucks organizes every other year the global Gemba Challenge mechanic competition with finals in Japan. Another event showing UD Trucks’ commitment to the Gemba Spirit is the Extra Mile Challenge, an annual competition for customers and drivers for both Quon and Quester.


To learn more about the “UD Gemba Spirit” go to the campaign site on the UD Trucks official website.
UD Gemba Spirit videos are also available on UD Trucks official YouTube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NirK6rRf8QU (Global)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRPTYbfAWcw (Japan)

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