Quester. Made to go the extra mile.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A culmination of 1.5 million engineering hours spent … 65,000 hours of testing or 400 test rigs… 650 components and trucks produced … 3.5 years from concept to serial production … a 100%-committed project team comprised of hundreds of specialists involved with differences in knowledge, experience, age and gender from all around the globe.

Introducing the first UD truck developed and manufactured specifically for markets outside Japan embodied with the UD heritage of Ultimate Dependability—Quester. Specified with local requirements in mind and designed for global growing markets, this newest product of the UD brand is fully localized and assembled in Asia. Quester focuses on the features and benefits that deliver operational cost efficiency, peace of mind and that make our customers’ operations grow. Benefits such as high durability, maintainability, top-class fuel efficiency, extended uptime, modern smart efficiency and reliability backed up by advanced Volvo Group proven technology and UD Trucks manufacturing quality assurance and outstanding design.

With the Quester, UD Trucks has the widest offer ever proposed. This dynamic and powerful truck features 8 of axcle configurations types for every usage from long haulage to distribution heavy construction applications. The world-class 8-liter and 11-liter engines and durable driveline providing the highest and widest torque with low rev, an engine horsepower range from 220 to 420 horsepower, a robust construction chassis with excellent ground clearance, approach angle and hub reduction for tough usage. Two types of cabin (versatile day and sleeper versions) boasting a bold and strong aerodynamic design, light and spacious interior and high-end cab paint. 


The Quester is made to go the extra mile as the world’s first 5.3-ton long-distance runner.Quester excels on bringing profitability to owners—a sure winner on the bottom line. It’s a heavy-duty hero on the road and a champion on saving money for the owner’s business.In today’s fast-growing emerging markets, customers are demanding great fuel efficiency and uptime while looking for reliable and durable products at an affordable price as well as complete aftermarket support. The right truck at the right price with great service. With the Quester, UD Trucks promises to meet and exceed these demands.